Thanks to the internet, gone are the days where we have to wait around for our favorite TV or radio shows to start. Now, we can simply catch up with what’s going on in the world through online magazines, YouTube videos, live talk shows, and in more recent years – podcasts.

These podcasts go into elaborate detail about careers and finances, fitness goals, productivity, and implementing healthier habits on top of well-being and overall happiness. If you’re someone who yearns for inspirational input and revels in the life views of others, here’s 10 compelling podcasts that offer the best food for thought. 

The Daily Boost – Wellness & Happiness

The Daily Boost is a 9-minute podcast series that focuses on living the happiest life you can through expression of gratitude, discovering your life purpose, overcoming challenges and developing a more mindful attitude towards the world and everything in it.

The show is hosted by Scott Smith, an ordinary guy who encourages listeners to achieve their goals, eliminate procrastination, distraction, stress, and grab life’s obstacles by the horns.  The podcast has had over 30 million downloads and new shows are uploaded every Monday to iTunes and Spotify. 

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes  – Life and Career Goals

Best-selling author Lewis Howes has been presenting this show for close to 5 years now. And with an archive of 650 episodes, you’ll never be short of topics to sift through and expand your way of thinking. The show touches on everything from entrepreneurship, lifestyle and career woes to inspiring stories from celebrity influencers and top-level athletes. Lewis outlines what it means to become successful in any business and the many pitfalls you’re likely to face along the way. He’ll also give you expert tips on how to overcome them. 

Where Should We Begin? – Marriage and Relationships

If you’ve been facing some tough moments in your marriage or relationship lately, Esther Perel’s ‘Where Should We Begin?’ podcast is a show that you could easily relate to. The couples therapist and relationship expert gives us an eye-opening insight into the dynamic behind couples who are on their last legs; discussing acts of infidelity, unhealthy relationship patterns, dealing with loss of loved ones, commitment issues, and lack of intimacy. Esther brings real couples to talk about the raw reality of their problems and marital setbacks. 

The Struggle Bus – Mental Health

Hosted by chat show co-hosts Sally Tamarkin and Katharine Heller, the Struggle Bus is a bi-weekly podcast that delves into sensitive topics about life, love, bereavement, mental health, and self-care – on top of general Q&A sessions with listeners, opinions and advice. It’s a highly refreshing podcast because the ladies aren’t afraid to dig into the nitty gritty topics that most people aren’t inclined to discuss. They also have a particular warmth and calm in the way they talk that leaves you with a sentiment of peace after the show. 

The Tim Ferriss Show – Productivity

Another best-selling author who took the world by storm when he began unleashing his podcasts is Tim Ferriss. His 2-hour shows have been downloaded more than half billion times, and are designed to capture the attention of those hunting for new perspectives on money and investments, science and religion, health, sports, business, pop culture, history, and practically all other corner topics of life. Tim is also known for the fascinating interviews he conducts with stars and key influencers like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Foxx.

Hidden Brain – Science & Human Behavior

Hidden Brain is a highly thought-provoking podcast series which delves into the behaviors and psychologically ingrained patterns of the unconscious mind. Hosted by Shankar Vedantem, the show takes findings from real case studies and molds them into a digestible 1-hour weekly show of educational insight and storytelling.

Vedantem gives listeners an astonishing insight into the way humans base their decisions and choices on everyday matters, including why we lie, why we pass judgement on others, and the power of intuition.    

Inspire Nation – Personal Growth

Hosted by self-help guru Michael Sandler, Inspire Nation is a podcast that draws attention to the art of living in the now. It’s one of the top-rated spirituality and self-help talk shows which focuses on the Law of Attraction, self-love and care, as well as guided meditation practices. The show also hosts regular chats with celebrity guests and self-help authors like Bob Proctor, Pam Grout, Arielle Ford, Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Joe Dispenza. Michael uploads new shows and material daily, so you’ll never be short of motivation or advice. 

ArtCurious – Art & History

You don’t have to be an art fanatic to appreciate the intriguing subjects covered by ArtCurious. The topics and discussions are heavily focused on the art world; however, the weekly podcasts get most of their appeal from the historical aspects of the show. It brings up the biggest questions of the art world and digs deep into the background of the most iconic artists and impressionists of all time. Did Vincent Van Gogh really commit suicide? Is the Mona Lisa a genuine piece? Tune in to find out!  

Mostly Lit – Books and Literature

Co-hosted by Alex Read and Raifa Rafiq, Mostly Lit is a popular podcast aimed at millennials. The weekly show primarily talks about literature and books of interest, but it also explores fine lines between wellness, pop culture, and societal constraints associated with young people too. If you want to hear lighthearted debates with a few laughs thrown in – the boys have got you covered.    

The Now Age with Ruby Warrington – Spirituality

If you’re looking to get reconnected with your higher self and explore the path of spirituality, The Now Age is an innovative series of conversations based around modern teachings on spiritual practices, healing old wounds and alternative healing methods, spiritual wellbeing and mindfulness, gratitude, affirmations, as well as advice on how to stay authentic and connected in a world that is socially the opposite. The host’s enlightening theories and views will give you a lot to think about. 


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