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Looking to become a casino VIP but don’t know how the whole process works? Well, this may very well be the article for you. We will show you the methods you will need to become a VIP, as well as the many bonuses and advantages that come from entering this highly sought-after title.

There are typically different VIP tiers into which a person can climb in the hierarchy system. The way to get into the VIP Club varies from casino to casino. However, most casinos have slightly similar methods of getting more people into their VIP clubs.

Furthermore, how a person can become a VIP member also depends on the location. That means the casino and where it is located have a certain degree of influence as well. There are several ways to become a VIP, so pay attention.

Pay your way in

It is probably obvious, but a person who has a significant amount of wealth will almost automatically be given VIP status. To be able to be a person like this, you will need to have a decent amount of cash before being considered a VIP member.

Because most casinos are very wealthy, being able to add your wealth and prestige will benefit the casino as well. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the money, becoming a VIP this way can be a challenging task. But, if you are lucky enough to win the jackpot, you can, just like those who are affluent, pay to be a VIP using money you were lucky enough to win. After all, having wealth is one way to guarantee to get the attention of the casinos.

Play a lot of the casino games

vip casinoBecoming a VIP can also come in the form of being a loyal gambler at the casino. If you are a regular gambler at the casino and able to win a few games, you will be rewarded for your loyalty.

Casinos love their gamblers, and loyalty is often repaid in receiving of higher levels of service. When you show your dedication, it will, in the end, be rewarded. This is a great alternative, especially for those who do not have the funds to be a millionaire or a person of high status.

However, with this particular scenario, you will have to make sure that you have enough money to visit on a routine basis, otherwise the path to becoming a VIP will be somewhat challenging for you.

For individuals who know how to control their spending on gambling and know how to spend their earning appropriately, they will surely be able to climb the ladder and reach VIP status.

Loyalty is the game in this particular gamble. Some casinos offer stamps and cards for their loyal gamblers, which, in the end, can be quite beneficial for you on your path to becoming a VIP.

Get a good word in

This may, for the most part, be a long shot, but it is very much a possibility. Befriend someone in the upper echelon of the gambling casino and see if you can get in good with him or her. He or she may very well be able to put in a good word for you.

It may sound like a long short, but, remember, the area is a casino. So, why not gamble on becoming friends with a casino giant or a casino VIP? You really don’t have that much to lose, except maybe your self-esteem, and that depends on you. But, if you succeed, you will have so much to gain.

For many, the VIP status offers so much more than the average Joe, and this is exactly what you are trying to get. Becoming a VIP is not easy, but, once you are in the hierarchy, it will be more than worth it. Sometimes, all you need to do is be sociable and ask, casinos are looking to keep you in and keep you playing, so depending on who you hang out with and how much you gamble, casinos are looking to keep you in.

What are some of the benefits offered?

It is safe to say that VIPs have many gambling events and services offered to them that the average person does not have. This is what makes a VIP so alluring, and why people want to reach this level in the casino hierarchy.

So, if you were wondering about some of the services the VIP members are offered, and they are ones you cannot find in the lower echelon of the casino’s hierarchy, we will explain.

For the most part, you will find that the stakes are much higher and the chance to earn more money is possible.

The amount of money that is spent at these tables and in these top-level games will make the slot machines seem small in comparison. And, they really are.

More importantly, the VIP status sections will put you in the proximity of many very successful people who are highly affluent and influential individuals in their own right.

The services that they are provided are in a whole league of their own. First-class service is coupled with discounts and rewards. And, depending on the casino, this is what separates this level from the rest.

In addition to this service, the amount that can be won goes up dramatically. Entering certain levels of the casino VIP hierarchy will be incredibly rewarding.

There are, for many casinos, certain VIP levels. Most have four.

The bronze, the silver, the gold and the platinum


The Bronze

Bronze is the lowest level of the VIP hierarchy, but it is still a very comfortable position from the rest of the casino. Here you are given much better services. For most of the services, you will be given opportunities to earn more. However, there are still certain games and tables that will not, yet, be offered to you.

silverThe Silver

In this tier, a person usually receives a great amount of earnings, and he or she can take part in other games. For many, the service also improves, and the amount that can be won on certain games increases as well.

However, where this gets better for the individual comes in the form of the discount and rewards that are offered.

goldThe Gold

The gold tier is where the separation is much more profound. The gold tier is where the VIP status truly starts to matter. Most casinos allow higher wagers on more tables, and you will be entered into private games. The private games are where, as mentioned before, real money can be won.

These exclusive games are the paradigm of the VIP games.

platinumThe Platinum

This is the highest VIP level, and this is the level that you will need to either know someone, have a lot of money or have been a long and dedicated bettor.

Becoming a VIP

Becoming a VIP is not easy, but it is possible, and you get fabulous services. The road to becoming a casino VIP member will take years and a lot of luck. However, if you are willing to bet so much money on the slot games, why not bet your character on meeting one of these VIP members?

A small hello or a warm greeting could be all the luck that you were looking for. And, it could get you in that class of high rollers. If you love gambling, then this option should very well peak your attention and, maybe, get you into their secret little club.

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