There is nothing better than an ice-cold beer served with a big burger with melty cheese. While beers aren’t so bad themselves, burgers are the perfect anytime meal that is also quite affordable. You can have them for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, and even for a late night munch. In addition, do you know the best places that you can enjoy taking beers and burgers in New York City? The never-sleeping city has had enough time to perfect its bun-ing game with excellent grilling and topping, and the following are the best beer and burger joints you can find in the big city.

1. Canz Sports Bar

Go no further than the Canz sports bar when you need a little extra not only for lunch but also your wallet. From Mondays to Friday between 11.30am to 3.00pm, a 5 spot gets you six ounces of seasoned beef topped with tomato and lettuce served with a nice cold half-pound Bud Light can. In addition, if you are a big eater, you can create your own platter. Pay for a dollar or less for each of the cheese additions, ‘shrooms, bacon, crispy onions or caramelized onions, tater tots, sweet potato fries or French fries as well as a combo of a simple cole slaw and pickle. With prices like this, you can let go of yourself and your wallet will not suffer.

2. The Boilermaker

This laid-back bar that specializes in beer-and-shot combos also has burgers that kind of sneaks up on you. Known as the Bowery, the squishy Martin’s roll – juicy patty has optional bacon and cheese that makes it a very good burger. Do not forget Chef Miguel Trinidad’s excellent addition of fig aioli and atchara (Filipino pickled vegetables) that make it uniquely and truly special.

3. Bar Sardine

This tiny west village spot is specially made for first date drinks with a surprise inclusion of a great burger on the menu. The Fedora Burger, which is named after the owner’s other venture a few doors down, is possibly the city’s most interesting burger. It is a juicy LaFrieda patty that is topped with BBQ mayo and smoked Cheddar that both give it a smoky and sweet flavor and the added crispy shoestring-cut fries gives it that crunchy texture we all like. Pickles and red onions on a well-toasted, flattened bun complete the burger, which despite your best intentions will definitely need to be cut in half so that you can consume it comfortably.

4. Donovan’s Pub

Donovan’s is the best place for pub-style burger lovers. Their huge meaty burgers are served on grilled buns with Irish pub beers accompanying it. Some consider the burger as the best in the city, however, it could all be a matter of preference; lovers of small burgers will surely not be happy here. The biggest of eaters will certainly rejoice here and would be glad to know that the soups are rather tasty too.

5. Shake Shark

Shake Shark has long been considered as one of the best if not the best burger joint in New York City. It also has a male range of interesting beer choices to accompany this burger. You can choose to go with Shackmeister Ale, which is light and refreshing cream ale that will happily play second fiddle to your burger rather than overwhelming it. You can also enjoy your burger with standards and if the weather is too chilly, they have heat lamps in place. If the weather is good, you can visit Shake Sharks original location in Madison Square Park and watch the squirrels beg for scraps.

6. Black Tap

There is nothing as thrilling as drinking craft beer in the same place it has been brewed and at the same time enjoying a beautiful mouth-watering burger that leaves your face glistening. Black Tap is the next big thing in classic burger joints. It was inspired by the old-school luncheonettes everyone grew up in. Their award-winning burgers are getting a lot of attention with an addition of milkshakes in their menu as well.

7. The Happiest Hour

The Happiest Hour is one of the best in the disturbingly many bars you can find in the West Village where you can eat burgers too. The bar’s double-stacked burger comes covered in melted cheese and with a special source. It makes exactly what you would want to eat while you are a bit tipsy, and that’s fitting bearing in mind this is a place you most likely came to drink. There are lots of beer choices as well as other drinks too. That being said, if you are still sober, the chances are the burgers will still make you happy too.

8. The Spotted Pig

This no-reservations village eatery is especially known for its lively bar scene and the European-inspired meals. The famous char-grilled burgers at the Spotted Pig are very good, especially if you are into burgers with blue cheese. The meat is good – a medium rare that is leaning towards rare and are accompanied with the shoestring-cut fries garnished with rosemary leaves. Overall, the solid bugger is amazing, one bite and you would realize why it has constantly been ranked as one of the best in the city.

9. Burger & Barrel Soho

This upscale restaurant is notable for its burgers, upscale beer and wine on tap as well as its high-energy setting finished with a trendy crowd. However, what the place is particularly known for is its award-winning Bash burgers. Not too big, but not too small either, bash burgers are a perfect size. The 14-dollar Josh Capon’s signature Bash Burger is all kinds of juicy and served with caramelized onion, pickles, American cheese and bacon jam all in a very nice brioche bun. The burger here is amazing and while at it, make sure you ask for the secret sauce to go with it too.

10. Minetta Tavern

Minetta Tavern’s Black Label Burger is one of the city’s first super-luxe burgers, and it’s still one of the best. It could be the custom Balthazar bun or the mound of caramelized onions or the butter-basted patty prepared from dry-aged ribeye. Alternatively, it could be all three washed down by the great choice of beer in the place. All in all, the tavern is a must-visit when you are in town.

11. P.J. Clarke’s

This New York City’s saloon has been around since the 19th century – which means it definitely is good. The over 100 years of practice has seen the P.J. Clarke’s serving the well-known bar fare and brews in a relaxed simple setting. When you visit the place, make sure you go for the classic Clarke Burger with cheese, tomato, lettuce, and some butter pickle and sweet bread perfection washed down with a great glass of beer.

12. Long Island Bar

Long Island Bar’s burger is one of a kind, something you can consider an all-American type. The generous two-patty stack is smeared in a creamy special sauce and a melty Kraft singles tucked between two buns cushioned by an iceberg lettuce leaf and a circular crispy bacon disc. All this of course comes held together with a toothpick donning the American flag and accompanied by the double-fried fries and beer of your choice.

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