The end of the NFL and NBA seasons, as well as the major soccer leagues in the world still being a couple of months away, has sports bettors wondering what is left to bet on especially this July. But serious gamers know that this is just another jam-packed month in, the sports’ world. If you still have some cash to spare, there are still many betting options available for you this July that is action-packed. Here are the best bets to place for July sporting events.

1. Baseball

July brings the Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star games beginning July 9 at the Progressive Field in Cleveland. There is a lineup of the best sites for betting in this league that reigns supreme in the U.S. The last day of the month will also see the deadline of the non-waiver trade; therefore, expect to see a lot of action on that front.

2. Car Racing

The choices here for this month alone are plenty. Formula 1 is the world’s biggest series, NASCAR is America’s most popular, and when you compare Indy Cars and NASCAR, the former provides more predictable action. These are just but a few of the car racing betting options available this month; there are several events in almost each of the remaining days of this month to bet on.

3. Golf

Between the end of the NBA season and the beginning of the NFL season are three major golf championships played – June’s U.S. Open, July’s British Open and August’s PGA Championship. Speaking of the British Open this month, it is going to be held at the Royal Portrush, Northern Ireland. Rory Mcllroy and Brooks Koepka are already the co-favorites to win. The British Open is the World’s oldest golf major, and it is also the notoriously one of the toughest hence you should definitely make a point of being part of the tournament. For this and other betting opportunities, be sure to check out your favorite oddsmakers in the coming week for some betting action.

4. Arena Football League

Arena Football is back and growing. The ongoing league had for the first time this year, since 2011, entered the season with more teams thus giving you more betting opportunities. The 13-week-long league opened in April with 12 regular-season games for each team and one bye week per team. While the new version lacked coverage before the league began making fewer fans know the league still exists, this was actually good for sports bettors. This is because public interest results in low betting volumes as well as soft lines. Watch out for the regular season conclusion on July 21 and the playoffs set to begin on July 27.

5. Canadian Football League

CFL has always taken second billing to the National Football League (NFL) across the border, but football fans and not forgetting serious bettors know just how to ignore this fact. The league, which began in June and will go through to November is receiving major television coverage from the likes of ESPN and with this kind of popularity comes an interest in the betting opportunities presented to gamers. There is some quality sport on show so grab your chance to enjoy a bet on like every aspect of the league.

6. Horse Racing

Most people stop paying attention to horse racing the moment the Triple Crown ends, but the beginning of summer marks the start of the best racing actions. The meet at Saratoga beginning July 11 is the crown jewel of the racing calendar. The San Diego horse racing at the Del Mar Racetrack beginning mid-July is yet another exciting meet that offers brilliant betting opportunities. Other major races are also happening in West Virginia, Ontario, Kentucky, New Jersey, Illinois and elsewhere. There are major races on offer every weekend and a whole lot of strong races every day from now to almost the entire summer to wager on.


Women’s basketball may not be as exciting to watch as other sports, but many serious bettors wouldn’t let any chance to earn some extra cash just go by. Betting on the WNBA is not so different as betting on the NBA or even the college basketball. Betting the point spread is still your best option, but betting on the OVER/UNDER, the money line, and even the props and futures will also give you great value. The games are relatively predictable; the lines are soft and not forgetting the statistics are well kept and available. Although WNBA betting is not so popular, it isn’t a bad thing either, since it makes it exploitable. Every sporting event offers betting opportunities, and you can try this one which is already underway through October.

8. Soccer

Soccer provides plenty of choices, especially for the lovers of low scoring actions. The Major League Soccer (MLS) runs from March to October. This is a very long time and a great opportunity to win some cash now and then, but only if you are willing to put not only the time but the effort to get to learn about the league.

9. Cricket

Cricket is a sport known for its biggest events like the just-concluded ICC World Cup rather than the betting offers. But it still offers some good values for both the existing and the new customers. The ICC World Cup just concluded and if you missed placing some best on this major tournament, then worry not – there are still other cricket events to wager on this July just check on your calendar for some more action.

10. Cycling

We have to admit it; cycling isn’t that popular compared to football or baseball. However, unlike these other more popular sports, betting on cycling is quite a lot easier, even for beginners. Luckily, this July we have the Holy Grail of Cycling in the name of Tour De France. It is the world’s most prestigious, popular and important cycling race as well as one of the Grand Tours. It takes place annually during the summer in France. The over three-weeks long event hosts every top cyclist in the world, and you definitely can’t afford to miss out on betting on this one. There is also the UCI BMX World Championship, another major cycling event happening this July that offer great betting opportunities.

11. Darts

Am sure most people have no idea yet that darts is so popular now there are even sites that offer odds on them. The recent years have seen the rise of darts as a competitive sport; so much that betting on the sport has become a consistent market in betting sites. Well, this July will have the 2019 World Matchplay where the likes of world number darts player, Dutchman Michael Van Gerwen, will be participating. This offers great betting opportunities for particularly darts fans where they should try a hand on.

There are plenty of sporting events taking place this July month where you can best place your bets. Be sure not to miss these and so much more for some great betting action. Remember, do not place your bets on the first site or sportsbook you land on; shop around, and maybe you will find better prices for your picks. And as a bonus reminder, always go to the top betting sites in the world since they also assure you of best odds too.

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