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If your old TV has seen better days, or if you are just ready to invest in the latest technology, a TV upgrade is in the cards. However, when it’s time to upgrade your TV for the latest model, it can be hard to know which one to choose. With so many emerging technologies out there, how do you know which model will stand the test of time and which one will be out of date in a couple of years?

There are always new innovations in the world of home entertainment, and the 21st century has already seen some amazing steps forward in the cutting-edge technology available to viewers. As manufacturers work to give consumers what they are looking for in terms of fashion, style, and taste, they have gone the extra mile to up the ante and improve their products.

What Is A Smart TV?

These days, it’s surprisingly difficult to find a TV that doesn’t offer some smart features. All the biggest manufacturers are making smart TVs as standard, bringing viewers the best possible experience. Smart TVs are connected to the Internet to offer web-related features. While it can be used to browse the web, usually its appeal is that it allows users to use online apps and services, such as Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix. Similar to Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV, the capabilities of smart TVs are more convenient since they are built in. On the downside, some smart TVs are less stable and slower than standard TVs. However, manufacturers are working on this problem and are bringing their latest models up to scratch.

The smart TV is one such exciting development, taking viewing beyond the traditional functions to offer online interactive media, the ability to stream on-demand, OTT content, and home networking. There are many different smart TVs on the market today, but which are of the best quality and represent the best value? Here we look at some of the best smart TV options available.

1 – Sony XBR55X930D

Sony XBR55X930DPrice at $949.99
Amazon Rating: 3.4/5

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One of the top smart TVs available today, the Sony Android TV was highly rated in 2017 by consumers. The Android platform it uses is its unique selling point, and this has led to it becoming one of the best sellers on the market. Leading the way for other manufacturers that are now adopting the same Android system, the Sony Android TV takes traditional TV to the next level by connecting to the Razer Forge TV and Nvidia shield. It also boasts impressive storage space of around 16 GB. Even better, viewers can control their television with their tablet or Android smartphone using the TV Sideview app, which even has a plugin to enable a voice search. Setting the bar for the ultimate viewer experience, Sony is leading the way in the smart TV market. This model may be expensive, but it offers a cutting-edge viewing experience thanks to its 4K HDR ready status. This TV has adopted all the cutting-edge technology to offer color accuracy that is lifelike. It also comes complete with Android TV, allowing users to pair their Android tablet or smartphone to the TV to cast movies, photos, and music seamlessly through the inbuilt Chromecast support. There is also a wealth of amazing smart features, such as the well-organized menu with its simple and fast search facility. Its apps are also continuously updated for a more future-proof TV that will stand the test of time.

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2 – LG: OLED65G7P WebOS Smart TV

OLED65G7P WebOS Smart TVPrice at $4,996.98
Amazon Rating: 3.5/5

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Designed by LG, this model has several special features to offer viewers a fantastic viewing experience. Providing unlimited content, thanks to the LG channel plus app, this TV allows users to access Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix with ease. It is a hassle-free, user-friendly device that gives users everything they are looking for. Having won awards for its impressive quality and function, this LG television offers a smarter method of viewing live TV, as well as accessing on-demand services at no extra cost. With speedy navigation and excellent responsiveness, it’s easy to see why this model is a top seller.

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3 – TCL 40S305

TCL 40S305Price at $249.99
Amazon Rating: 4.1/5

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For viewers on a budget who want all the functionality and technological advances that come with a smart TV but don’t want to break the bank, the TCL 40S305 is the ideal choice. Its interface is supplied by Roku, and, despite its low cost, it works well. While it doesn’t compete with the top-performing televisions on the market from the biggest names, it has a refresh rate of 60Hz and a full HD 1080p picture. Its interface also offers users access to more than 3,000 channels for streaming, gaming consoles, cable TV, and other devices. Without any complex menus to scroll through, Roku allows users to search quickly by director, actor or title. There is even a voice-search facility, as well as a mobile application that can be downloaded to Android or iOS devices to do everything remotely. When you take the smartphone streaming options, YouTube and Netflix apps, and user-friendly remote with only 20 buttons for speedy navigation into account, it’s easy to see why this model represents amazing value for its cost.

“Smart TV for a smart price”


4 – Samsung Smart TV

Samsung smart tvSamsung is one of the best-selling brands of technology, and its Smart TV is, as you might expect, a cutting-edge product. A top trending TV during 2017, this model looks set to storm the market in 2018 thanks to its impressive quality. With its intuitive menu and enhanced recommendations, it offers speedy access to all your favorite movies, shows, and apps. It is even possible to program this TV to provide you with a daily rundown of your activities while its quick connect facility allows you to easily connect your smartphone to your TV. The integrated screen-mirroring feature allows users to watch TV on their other devices, or conversely, to send the content from their smartphone or tablet device to their TV with ease. Its convenient multitasking options have gone a long way toward explaining why this TV is so popular since users are able to watch TV in their favorite way. They can switch rapidly between apps and live TV with a single click, watch several shows simultaneously or pull up the browser seamlessly while watching a program to check information about an actor.

These are just some of the latest smart TV models on the market to have become popular. With their cutting-edge features and amazing interactive abilities, they are likely to last for a long time and offer plenty of viewing entertainment with online features for many years to come.

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