The Gambling Commission has launched the Raising Standards for Consumers Report. The main purpose of the report is to provide a summary of the enforcement work that has been done in the previous year and outlines lessons that operators can benefit from in the future.

Over 160 investigations had been conducted in the last 12 months by the commission, which has resulted in an array of sanctions against senior management and other operators.

Around $19.6 million has been paid in penalty packages by gambling operators mainly because they did not observe Commission rules meant to ensure gambling is conducted in a fair, and a free from crime area and a safe environment.

Although these penalties might sometimes seem to be harsh, they are essential in ensuring that the Commission rules are followed at all times.

Safety and fairness prioritized by the Gambling Commission 

Neil Mc Arthur, CEO of the Gambling Commission, stated that “I want gambling consumers in Britain to be able to enjoy the fairest and safest gambling in the world and I want gambling operators to work with us to put customer enjoyment and safety at the top of their corporate agenda.

“As the report shows, we will be tough when we find operators bending the rules or failing to meet our expectations, but we also want to try and minimize the need for such action by providing advice, a program of support material and compliance activity to help operators get things right in the first place.”

McArthur recommended that instead of issuing casinos or gambling offenders with hefty fees that can sometimes seem unfair, the commission should start a program that will help counsel the offenders.

He further revealed that offenders would likely find a reason to comply with the rules when they are given a reason to do so.

New strategy to help reduce the gambling problem in Scotland

This report came in last week and at a strategic time after the Gambling Commission had launched a new strategy meant to help reduce the effect of gambling in Scotland. It is regarded as a move that would help to draw the emphasis away from the customer, thereby making the industry take more responsibility.

Apparently, the study shows that around two million adults in the UK have a problem in gambling or are said to be at risk of being addicted.

A representative from one of the most famous bookmakers, William Hill, stated that their company, alongside other leading operators in the market, is making significant advancements geared towards creating a safer gambling community.

He further added that the company has been expanding the number of online tools available to their customers. These tools will help increase the number of customers using the algorithm data to track the risks involved in the play in order to intervene for the customers in case there is a high potential risk involved in their bets. The spokesperson also advised that losing is an obvious thing for anyone practicing gambling, but being addicted is a serious case that needs immediate intervention.

More measures from William Hill

He stated that William Hill will continue to invest in the technology as well as collaborate with charity organizations, competitors, and academics in order to improve understanding of the risks involved in the gambling industry.

Their customers will not only get to know and understand the rules and the risks involved, but also get to learn the ways and tricks of gambling safely. Besides, he also insisted that they will continue putting more measures to ensure they prevent the risks and implement their approach in the years to come.

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