Gyms As The New Nightclubs

These days, Millennials don’t go to clubs and parties as much. Instead, they spend their weekends in gyms and fitness studios. These are great facilities for meeting up with friends and participating in activities, such as sweat crawls and party workouts. Some say the gym is taking the place of the nightclub. Does this mean that party-filled nights that end in hangovers are a thing of the past? There are a few young people who could possibly support this notion.

Kelly Walker, 27, is a fashion designer who has an early morning commute. She leaves for work at 5:45 a.m. and travels for an hour from South London to Central London. She said she travels the distance so she can work out at a boutique gym called F45 Training. The company originated in Australia and has a huge following. Walker takes the 7 a.m. class. She then travels for another hour after exercising to ensure she’s at work by 9 a.m. She jokes her commute allows her to tour London on a daily basis. She’s worked out at F45 Training for a year and a half. She also admits that exercising with her friends is part of her motivation. Two of her friends and her roommate also attend the class. Walker says she knows going to the class is not practical. But, she and her friends attend because of the fun they have and the time they get to spend together.

A Break From Tradition

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Socializing in the United Kingdom was usually centered around these common activities: drinking and complaining about the weather. Now, many Millennials go to boutique gyms and that has made them very popular. Of course, it’s cheaper to take a brisk walk or jog or sign up for a class, such as Zumba. However, Millennials who are in a financial position to take more advanced classes do so. Some gyms have events that make the gym look like a nightclub. While people are working out, the gym is dimly lit and DJs come to play music from popular artists.

It’s clear some people go to the gym rather than spend their weekends getting drunk in bars. Young people also drink less than they have in the past. One survey indicates that more than one-fourth of people between the ages of 16 and 24 are teetotalers. In the past 35 years, one-fourth of the pubs have closed their doors. The pubs that are still in business mainly survive because of the food they serve.

The Gym Business Is Booming

While bars and pubs are in decline, gyms and fitness centers continue to boom. According to Mintel, the private health and fitness market in the U.K. is currently worth £3.2 billion. The market also grew by about 20 percent in the past three years. As a result, companies that sell athleisure clothing and sports nutrition businesses have started experiencing substantial success. The sports food and drink industry increased by 11.5 percent in 2017 and 2018. About 15 percent of people who live in the U.K. have a gym membership. They frequent establishments, such as F45, Frame, and Psycle, to stay fit and enhance their social lives.

The Boutique Gym Business In the U.S.

The Boutique Gym Business In the U.S.

In the very near future, the sweat crawl, which has become popular in the United States, will come to the U.K. Sweat Concierge, a review site for fitness classes facilitates the activity. Sweat crawls are essentially pub or bar crawls for gyms. Victoria Scott, the founder of sweat crawls, wanted to create a unique experience for health enthusiasts. Participants will work out at various gyms for 30 minutes each. People can also go on sweat crawls with their friends, which is great for fostering social interaction. Sweat crawls are $75 or £57. They can be found in various metropolitan areas. Scott has conducted the activities in cities, such as Washington, D.C., Boston, and New York. Women make up about 90 percent of the people who participate in the sweat crawls. This may be because women want to engage in social activities without the pressure of going to clubs or bars.

Health-conscious culture

Scott says that the culture is very health-conscious right now, which is why sweat crawls are so effective. She asserts that bars and brunches aren’t as popular as before. This is because people have decided to do more things that are health-related. Working adults used to spend their weekends drinking and eating. This is sometimes seen as a form of relaxation. However, some people opt to do more activities that boost their energy.

Trib3 is another boutique gym that people may want to try. The fitness center is in Sheffield and a DJ blasts music while people engage in HIIT workouts. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and involves several short exercises that build endurance and strengthen the muscles. The room is dark and you’ll probably hear your favorite songs while you’re working out. This makes the environment more like a nightclub. Of course, the setting promotes health and you’ll likely go home feeling rejuvenated instead of nauseated.

Once the class at Trib3 is over, there are glasses of prosecco to enjoy at the bar. Vicky Sampson, a woman who works out at the facility, enjoys this part of the experience. She says it’s a great way to have fun, get some cardio in, and drink without feeling guilty. Sampson says having a celebratory drink after exercising helps you avoid the next-day hangover.

Rihanna Fulford, another class participant, says the class is a great way to make friends. She never thought this would be a huge part of her social life. However, she has made outside social plans with some of the people in her workout class. She’s also celebrated holidays by visiting the gym to see which activities were going on.

Exercising in the evening

Kirk Campbell, an NYU Langone Medical Center sports medicine doctor, says evening and late-night workouts are actually better for the body. This is largely dependent on the fitness goals you want to accomplish. Campbell shares that both men and women have higher testosterone levels in the evening, which means they can have a more intense workout.

Workouts and Social Media

Workouts and Social Media

The younger generation of gym enthusiasts treats exercise like most things going on in their lives. They put their workouts on social media so their friends can keep up with their exercise routines. Instagram has had a huge hand in the way people view fitness these days. This is largely because of fitness influencers, such as Lawrence Price (@fatfitsake) and Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines). These individuals have millions of followers and inspire people to live healthier, more balanced lives. Since people began to post fitness footage and information on social media, it has become a great way to meet others.

Over the last year or so, there’s been an increase in fitness classes held on Friday nights. Health-conscious professionals who want to relieve stress are the people who attend these classes. Boutique studios, such as Overthrow Boxing Club and the popular SoulCycle, offer classes with a theme. Some classes even offer a cocktail or two after working out, which can encourage socialization. Many of the facilities also play songs that remind Millennials of their childhood. Some say this provides more motivation. The nostalgia can also make the workout more fun and is just one more element to contribute to the nightclub setting.

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