How to Become a Craps Pro

Dice games predate recorded history. The Ancient Egyptians played some of the first dice games. An excavation of Egyptian tombs found a variety of dice to play an Egyptian game called Senet. The dice were different sizes and shapes and had different markings on them. Most scholars believe that the dice games played in Egypt were a type of racing game. The players placed bets on the outcome.

The game of craps has been around since the Middle Ages. In Europe, people played a game called Hazard. European immigrants who came to the United States brought Hazard with them. Then, Americans adapted the game for their own use in saloons in the 19th century.

If you are infatuated with craps, you may have wondered how to become a professional at the game. There are some steps you can take to grow your knowledge. You can make sure you are ready to become a professional at the game of craps.

What is Craps?

What is Craps?

Craps is a dice game. You place bets on what numbers appear on the dice after a player rolls them. You may also bet on a series of rolls as well. If players are playing street craps, they bet against each other. However, in a casino, players place wagers against the dealer or the “bank.” Depending on the outcome of the roll, players win or lose money. In traditional casino craps, there are usually three dealers and stickmen who run the craps game. People play the game on a long table.

Have you played craps before? Do you think you might be able to win money at craps? Here is some advice from the experts on winning at craps.

First, You Need to Study

Before you begin the steps toward becoming a professional craps player, you need to study the game. The scene around the craps table at a casino can be very intimidating. Many craps players have been playing for years, and they aren’t interested in teaching the game to a novice.

Your first destination for study should be the Internet. There are lots of tutorials on how craps works, how to play it, and how to bet on it. You may also want to try out some craps simulators, which are available online. Some of the simulators also have a bankroll counter that keeps tabs on how much you have spent. This is a nice feature because it allows you to experiment with different odds bets and exotic bets. Some people who love craps like the exotic bets because both the risk and the payouts are bigger. Experts say when you are regularly adding to your bankroll in simulated craps, it’s time to move on.

Second, a Trip to the Casino

Craps Table

Many experts say after you’ve run through a few hundred simulator sessions, you’re ready to go to the casino. When you go to the casino, don’t jump right into the craps table play. First, go and study the table from a distance. Why? The answer is simple: reality. The noise and pace of the actual casino game are different from the simulator. Pay attention to how the players bet. How do they place their Pass Line bets or Don’t Pass Line bets? How much do they wager? You also need to pay attention to how the veterans handle the chips and move them across the table. How do they tell the dealer what they need? Do they use words you are familiar with for the directions?

Are you able to understand how the play is going to unfold before it happens? If so, you are ready for the next step.

Get Help from the Dealer

Any dealer worth his or her tips will be willing to help inexperienced players learn the ropes of the game. Dealers know it’s a good idea to help new players because there’s always attrition at a casino. Players leave the game. If you are nice to the dealers, and you tip them, they will be willing to help you out. Craps dealers may seem surly at first. But they have to be able to concentrate on the game. If you are patient, craps dealers can give you some invaluable advice. When they give you advice, make sure you tip them. Dealers can become your best friend at the craps table.

When You First Start, Stick with the Pass Line

When many pros first start, they usually stick with the Pass Line bets and the odds bets. This is because the Pass Line and the Odds Line give the house the lowest win ratios in craps. Remember, low win ratios mean it’ll take a while to build up a nice bankroll. However, it is still the best place to start. You can get your feet wet and begin to build your bankroll. Once you feel comfortable, you could begin to make wagers with bigger payouts. You could gradually move up to make an occasional exotic bet or two. But you should probably do what the professionals do and stick to the odds bets and the Pass Line bets. These provide the best return for your money in the long run.

Don’t Think You’re Going to Get an Edge on the House


Players think they can beat the house. If they did, there wouldn’t be a need to gamble. A search of the Internet will lead you to scheme after scheme on how to beat the system. Some people advocate dice control—where they manage the flow of the dice with a flip of their hands. Other players claim to know how the dice roll. However, it is not possible to control the dice. And, you need to keep that in mind.

There are also players who believe if you have a prescribed way of betting, you can win more over time. These people advocate placing wagers on Don’t Pass Line bets. People who bet the exotic bets say this is the best way to earn more money. However, because the craps wager odds are constant, this notion is a long shot—at best.

Manage Your Money — or You’ll Lose It

Professional craps players are able to manage their money. That’s it. If you don’t learn how to manage your money, you will not be a professional craps player. You must be able to track your bets and winnings quickly. If you don’t scoop up your winnings, the dealer is going to assume you’re going to leave your bets on. This may lead to large losses for you.

Second, you need to come up with a “walk away” limit. You need to have a figure in your brain for how much you are willing to lose in one night. You also need to come up with a figure of how much you will win and, then, walk away. Every professional gambler has a loss and a win amount before he or she walks into the casino. Some professional gamblers have strategies for keeping hold of their money. For example, some gamblers leave their credit cards at home when they go to the casino. They only walk into the casino with the money they can afford to lose. Other gamblers set a timer, and when the timer goes off, they walk away. Whatever management strategy you come up with, it needs to work for you. If it doesn’t, you won’t be able to control your money.

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