How to bet on golf

Golf is one of the best sports to bet on if you have a sound strategy. Betting on golf requires a high level of discipline as well as knowing the best betting values. You can always be assured of profits if you copy these traits. Since the introduction of the online betting, golf betting has seen a significant rise. There are a number of ways to bet, especially if you are new to the golf betting online. Sometimes, the options that are available to you may seem to be overwhelming. However, we have taken the liberty to help you understand the way that golf betting works.

1. Tournaments to bet on

There are two main tournaments that punters can bet on online. The PGA tour is the first of the two tournaments which are held in the United States. Once in a while, the tournament is held in South America or in Asia. The PGA is characterized by players of the United States taking on the best players from all over the world. The world’s best players are attracted to the PGA due to the prize money. Players are also competing for points that can be gained in the world rankings from the tournament.

The European tour is the second main tournament that is played in Europe, Southern Africa, and Asia. Some of the events in the European Tour are held alongside Sunshine and Asian tours, which lends an international flavor to the tournament. Each of the two tours ends with a final series where the best players of the season compete for the grand prize. For the PGA tour, the Fed-Ex Cup and for the European tour, it is the Race to Dubai series.

The Fed-Ex Cup is held over four events where the number of players is diminished as the tournament proceeds. The first round has 125 players who are the top from the previous season. The second event sees the number reduced to 100 and the third event sees a reduction to 70 players. The final event has a total of 30 players and they compete for the Fed-Ex Cup. The winner will be determined by the person who has won the largest amount of money over the full PGA season.

The Race to Dubai series hosts 60 players who are the highest points winners over the whole season of the European Tour. Over the course of this series, there are no player cuts and the players compete until the end. The winner is the player with the most points over the whole season of the European Tour, walking away with a cash prize and points.

2. Golf odds explained

Golf odds explainedIn some cases, there are over 140 players in a single event. A large number of players presents punters with a wide range of prices as well as lucrative odds. Just like in most sports, golf has its favorites, outsiders, and mid-range players. Over the past few years, there has been no outright favorite after the Tiger Woods era, meaning that odds have rarely been below 4.0. This indicates that even the favorites can bring some form of value when you bet on them. It’s worth noting that within a week, a player can move from outsider to be a favorite to win the tournament. In the same way, a player can move from being a favorite to an outsider in just a matter of days. He can have an odd of 24.0 to win this week versus  an odd of 82.0 the next week, depending on his performance.

If a player has an odd of 25.0 then this means that this is the likelihood of the player winning the tournament. This is often an implied probability of an outcome coming to fruition. For example, if a player has an odd of 34.0 then it means that the player has a 2.94% chance of winning the tournament. You win by placing your stake against a certain player who has some odds placed against his name. For example, imagine a player with an odd of 20.0 whom you stake 30 pounds on. If he wins, you have a total winning of 600 pounds with a profit of 570 pounds. It is always good to bet with value at the back of your mind.

3. Popular ways to bet on Golf

Popular ways to bet on Golf

There are multiple ways to bet on golf based on a number of features. The way you decide to bet should be influenced by your ability to risk and to statistically assess the players.

  • Tournament winner

This is the most popular way of betting in the golf market. In most cases, there is always a tournament favorite even before the event starts. It is always good to back the favorite to win the tournament because in most cases, they eventually do win. If you bet on them then you win and if they do not win you lose your money. This is one of the simplest and most straight-forward betting techniques in golf.

  • First-round leader

If you believe a player to have a good start in a tournament, then you can place a bet on him. In the morning, the conditions are ripe for golf because there is minimal wind, no pressure from the leaderboard and the air is fresh. This way of betting is becoming ever more popular because it is being deemed profitable in the long run. The markets offer punters a chance to place their bets on players who might be eliminated before the final round. This way people can wager on first-round leaders to make a profit.

  • Top 10 and top 20 finish

This is a market that is used to back players that are mainstays in the tournaments. These golfers are referred to as cheque collectors because they rarely threaten the people at the top of the leaderboard. However, they always seem to make the cut and make enough money to keep them in the tournament throughout. One good example is Max Kieffer, who has never won the European Tour but has made the cut a record-setting 22 times in a row.

  • Top Nationality betting

In some cases, it is advisable to bet on players of a certain nationality. When two or more players come from the same country, then each one of your players only has to outscore one or two players for you to win. The odds in this type of betting may not be very high but can be a sure way of winning.


There are a number of tournaments that players can bet on when it comes to golf. These tournaments include the European Tour and the PGA tour. In these tournaments, the punters can place a number of bets including first round leader or Top 10 and the top 20 finish. The diversity of betting in golf makes it such a lucrative sport to place your bets on.

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