How To Fake Dices – Do It Yourself

Dice games are great for socializing or for entertainment but, as with all games, many people play to win. If you’re a gambler, you know that the dice have to land face-up after a roll to maximize your outcome. No matter your game of choice—Craps, Bunco, Beetle, Ludo, Jacks, d20 system—all that you need is the dice working for you.

It is impossible for a human being to roll the dice with perfection that always gives the desired outcome. But this can be hacked to get the perfect double rounds that add up to whatever numbers you need. Here are some tips for faking dice.

Heat the dice in an oven at 93 degrees Celsius

Heat the dice in an oven at 93 degrees CelsiusGet a sheet of aluminum foil and wrap your lucky dice. Put them in the oven and slowly heat on a baking tray. Ensure that the heat is lower than the boiling point of water. The heat specification ensures that the oven heat does not impair the coloring and outward structure. After approximately 30 minutes, remove the dice from the oven without changing the “baking” position of the dice. Unwrap it after it cools down, then roll it on your board game to test the difference.

The trick is that when you heat the dice in the oven, the heat melts the upper part of the dice material. This factor decreases the density on the upper part of the dice. However, the density of the matter of the dice on the bottom part increases. The imbalance on density distribution affects the center of gravity of the dice and makes it lower. Hence, the probability of rolling the desired face-ups increases significantly as the probability for landing the heavier side diminishes to near zero.

Drilling number pits and placing mercury

This method is virtually stress-free because all it takes is to seal the number pits, repaint them for your dice to look normal. To shift the center of the balance, tap the dice on the table “accidentally” to move the mercury from its position, then roll the dice to your advantage. This method works best when the dices are transparent, and metal loads can be detected.

Drill the dice number pits and install lead or heavier materials

Drill the dice number pitsA power drill, super glue, white out (or anything to paint the dice), small gauge nail or lead pellets, and dot-sized small gauge drill bit are the materials you’ll need. These things are easy to get at any hardware store and using them only requires protective gear.

The next step is to consider the face-up dice side that gives you the best outcome. For instance, if you’re faking the dice for craps, select number 6 and drill the opposite side to add the weight. This will give you an upper hand over your competitors. Moreover, it allows you to determine which numbers you want for your game to have more fun.

Drill into a number pit carefully so that you don’t alter the general impression of the dice. For this to be perfect, the drill bit must be 1/16th of an inch, (a smaller diameter than the number pits) with smooth edges. This will be crucial to not attract unwanted attention to your altered dice on the table.

As you drill, clamp the dice in a vise to protect your fingers. Never try to hold the dice as you drill into it at the same time.

Afterward, insert lead pellets or any small nail to load up the side of the dice that you want to make heavier. Ensure that the object that you select matches the diameter and length of number pits that you have drilled. To do this, have a bolt or wire cutters to snip off any protruding lengths. Finally, add glue to hold the pellets steadily on the pits. Remember to paint the dice number pits and get ready to win.

When drilling the number pits, make sure that the length does not extend deeply into the other side as you may get the exact opposite effect of what you are looking for in a dice game.

Use the magnetic strategy

This method is used by hardened cheaters to trick craps casinos. You will need a magnetic coil and a pair of magnetic dice which you can order from online shops. In this case, you will access the table game and install a magnetic coil.  Once you determine the magnetic pole that you need for your desired outcome and turn on the coil as per the finding. This method is risky as it applies to high roller casino dice games or home games where security is tight.

Use the variable load’s method

hollow out the diceThis method is quite complex as it involves drilling several number pits on the sides of the dice. However, you should leave one pit undrilled. It is the most complex hack and needs patience and time but it is highly rewarding. This method follows the first step of drilling in this article but rather than drilling on a straight line, drill to hollow out the dice. The key to a successful drill lies in creating a uniform interior. The appropriate and most effective device to apply is a poking device or a dentists’ pick.

After drilling the dice from all the number pits but one, add glue over each hole. Afterward, add some lead weight after the glue dries up. You must insert a few bearings at the interior center to so that the dice rolls normally (without raising suspicion). Further, you have to ensure that you restore the size of your dice to match the standard unloaded dices. Remember to smoothen off the dice’s exterior to erase any evidence of loading.

Lastly, mix melted paraffin, 80% coconut oil and wax to form a solution for the interior to secure the lead metal and bearings from rattling. Seal the number pits and paint them if necessary and you are free to play.

This method allows you to melt the solution inside dice the using your palm body temperature by clutching the dice. To realign the leads and shift the balance to get an optimal outcome, let it sit on a cold surface to solidify before using the dice to play.


After faking dice, you must be careful that you don’t get busted by inventing other tricks. They may entail weighing the loaded dices, having spare dices to produce when the situation goes haywire and provisional grooming such as long sleeve clothes to hide the tampered dices and conveniently produce theme at the table.

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