how to pick a girl in casino

This short guide aims to give you some pointers and some do and don’ts when it comes to picking up girls in casinos. Now, this can be tricky business, especially in more extravagant and fancy casinos, such as the ones in Vegas. The women there are more likely to be looking for a man with absurd amounts of money they can throw away on drinks, expensive suits, and huge rooms they don’t need. However, don’t let this put you off because I’m here to tell you how you can stop this trend dead in its tracks and flip the tables. Let’s give the everyday man the means to pick up any girl he chooses.

It’s All About the Presentation

girl in casinoNow, although you don’t need a million-dollar suit made literally out of wads of cash, a little in the presentation department can go an extremely long way. For instance, if you’re wearing a neat suit that’s been ironed and pressed with matching apparel, then you’re much more likely to be noticed and appreciated as a man who can look after himself. This gives you the chance to feed with the other big sharks at the casino. An easy way to add a little style and sophistication to your outfit is by buying a mid-priced watch.

Now, there are multiple websites, MVMT and Vincerio spring to mind, that offer extremely stylish watches at a very affordable price. You can get the air of sophistication and the look of a high roller without being one. Your appearance is a vital factor when it comes to picking up women in general. So, obviously, you’ll want to be clean-shaven (unless you own that bearded look) and you’ll want to bulk up a little — nothing too much but enough that your arms and chest are defined enough to be visible in your dress shirt.

Confidence is Key

pretty girl in casinoAs always, when it comes to picking up women, confidence is key. Women love a confident man. And, even more so, they love a man who is confident in his ability to talk to her. Therefore, confidence is a key part of your pickup routine. You should think about how your clothes suit you and choose only the items that you are 100 percent comfortable in. Fretting about your clothing options on the day isn’t going to do you any good.

Similarly, when it comes to approaching a girl, make sure you know what you’re talking about. Don’t go into a whole lecture about quantum physics or poetry because you think it’ll impress her. It won’t. You will just look like an absolute idiot who hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about, and you’ll be left more times than you’ll be able to count. So, make sure you choose topics you think will engage her, and the two of you can easily discuss them and provide each other with useful insights.

Nobody Likes a Desperate Person

pick a girl in casino This is important. If you seem desperate, even in the slightest, you’re screwed. Women can smell that a mile away. If you seem even the tiniest bit desperate, their inner alarm will sound, and they’ll run away as soon as they can. What you want to do is just approach her naturally. Don’t stalk her around the casino. Don’t just appear in front of her and confess your undying love. What you need to do is act naturally.

Play a machine next to her for a bit and if she leaves, then she leaves, and that’s that. You can find another girl easily. You don’t need to be the creep who follows her around until she inevitably calls security and gets you kicked out or arrested. Once you’ve played a few games and have worked up the courage to talk to her, then make your move. Discuss the game first, some neutral ground that you both have knowledge of and then gauge the situation. If her body language and tone is comfortable, then you are probably fine to continue talking. But, not too much.

After a few minutes, you might find a subtle way to offer her a drink. Maybe she’s just lost and needs a pick-me-up. And, then, you talk for a while. One thing might lead to another and there you go. You’ve done it. All because you were subtle and didn’t act like a serial killer or someone who is just extremely desperate and needy.

Alcohol – Or Not?

Alternatively, there is always liquid courage. Alcohol can sometimes be the best wingman, but it can also sometimes be the worst. If you know your limits and can judge how each drink will affect your ability to talk and look presentable, then this may be a viable option for you. Because of the very nature of the drug itself, alcohol acts as an inhibitor that will numb those feelings of fear or awkwardness you may normally feel when talking to a girl. Therefore, if you have some alcohol, you will be able to speak freely and fluently while hopefully seeming like a stand-up guy who just wants to meet new people and create new relationships.

However, alcohol may also have the adverse effect and cause you to look like someone who can’t hold his drink. Depending on what type of drunk you are, you may seem violent or intimidating. As a result, no girl will want to speak to you and you will almost certainly be kicked out of the casino or “politely” led back to your room.

Don’t Seem Too Eager

pretty casino girl playing pokerSo, it’s the end of the night. You’ve met a girl. You’ve talked for a few hours and you both seem to really hit it off. So, it’s guaranteed you’re both going back to your room, right? Wrong. Just because she seems to like you does not mean you have the right to, or you can easily, take her back to your room. Instead, you should approach the subject lightly. Maybe ask her where she is staying and offer to walk her back there or get her a taxi.

This act of kindness may be the thing that tips the balance in your favor. Instead of sleazily asking if you want to “go back to yours for a drink,” she will be the one inviting you in. And, if she doesn’t invite you, so be it. It’s not the be-all and end-all. You’ll have plenty more opportunities. Maybe try and get her number and maybe you’ll see her around if you’re both staying nearby. No matter what happens you cannot be forceful or act like you’re entitled to anything even if you did pay for the drinks or the taxi. You’re the one who offered; she hasn’t agreed to anything. Importantly, read also our guide how to spot a gold diggers girl in a casino.

A Quick Summary

So, as a quick rundown:
Dress to impress — you can buy affordable apparel that will really give you an edge on the competition at the casino.
Act natural — all you need is to be natural. Approach her subtly and talk to her in a friendly and nondesperate way.
Don’t be a creep — this is self-explanatory. You shouldn’t act like you want anything. You should just act like a person who is looking to make a friend. If she’s up for it, then go for it!

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