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Life as a casino worker is never boring. Glitz, glamour and money can make people do crazy things and nowhere can you witness this better than in a Las Vegas casino. Every casino worker has a funny or crazy story to tell. Here are 7 of the craziest and funniest memories shared by casino workers (not including the utterly vulgar stories).

1. The high rollers hostess who got to fly on a private plane to Paris

The biggest and the most famous casinos in Las Vegas are regularly visited by multimillionaires and sometimes billionaires. Mostly, they are not there to win, but to have a good time. Some of them are known to spend extravagant amounts of money and give lavish tips to casino workers. One lucky casino worker got to experience it firsthand.

A high rollers hostess in a Las Vegas casino once had a billionaire as a customer. According to her co-worker, who writes about it, the billionaire liked the casino’s donuts so much that he wanted to take them with him to Paris. But the casino staff forgot to put the donuts on his plane. The hostess was given a dozen or so donuts, and told to hop on a private plane and deliver the donuts to him. She did just that. She was even allowed to spend the weekend in France, all expenses paid for. Lucky girl!

2. The casino worker who has seen it all

It can be said that anyone who has worked in a Las Vegas casino knows everything there is to know about human nature – at least, when they are inside a casino. A casino worker reminisces the things he has seen: a man injecting himself in the leg with insulin and then leaving the syringe sticking out of his leg for an hour because he had won a jackpot and thought it was a lucky charm; people pissing and shitting at the table or slot machine because they didn’t want to leave the game; people passing out after having sat at the slot machine for 36 hours straight; people getting mad at paramedics for interrupting their winning streak; and even a man who died of a heart attack at a poker table.

3. A drunk guy who climbed up the fire escape

It seems that just being in Las Vegas makes people believe that they can get away with crazy stuff. A casino worker relates an incident about a drunken man who climbed up the fire escape for no apparent reason.

As the casino worker and his colleagues watched, this man—apparently drunk and out of his mind– climbed up the fire escape on the side of the building and then onto the roof of the valet area where taxi cabs and limos drop customers off. When the valets and bouncers shouted at him to come down, he proceed to climb down the fluorescent light bulb on the side, which broke under his weight and he came crashing down into the street. Luckily, he did not die although he sustained a fractured skull. As if that wasn’t enough, his wife screamed, threatening to sue the casino and it turned out that the man was a NYPD cop.

4. People who think everything is legal in Las Vegas

With Las Vegas being the gambling capital of the United States, many people mistakenly think that everything is legal in the city, including drugs. A casino worker relates how he once found a group of South American tourists snorting cocaine in the lobby of his casino.

When a guest approached the casino worker and complained that a group of people were doing drugs in the lobby, he went to check. Sure enough, there was a group of people doing lines of drugs off the table and it turned out they were from South America. He told them that they couldn’t snort drugs at the casino. They seemed annoyed and retorted, “What do you mean? This is Las Vegas! Everything is legal here!” When he told them that drugs were not legal in Las Vegas, they looked incredulous. “Come on, this is Las Vegas! Here, do a line with us!” they said.

5. An old woman in a wheelchair who couldn’t care less

A Las Vegas casino worker relates how he once watched an old woman in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank play the slot machine as if there was no tomorrow. After a while, she made a big win. A really big win. Bells were ringing and lights were flashing. The entire room knew that something big had happened.

The casino staff swarmed around her. Someone got the necessary paperwork for her to sign. Everyone was watching. She is clearly not able to handle all this or didn’t want to. So members of her family, who were nearby, took over. The bells were still ringing and the lights were still flashing, and the crowd was getting bigger and bigger. But what does the old woman do? She quietly wheels herself out of the crowd and starts playing other slot machines as if nothing had happened. This was clearly a case of an old woman who couldn’t care less.

6. Two drunk guys who fell asleep on their food

A Las Vegas casino bartender relates how he once had two customers who got drunk and fell asleep on their food. The two young men were from somewhere in Central America. They were richly dressed with Rolex watches and had the air of privileged kids who had servants to do everything for them. Every time they wanted a drink, they would pound on the bar and yell “Hey, hey, hey” until the bartender responded. But the bartender did not mind because they insisted on paying as soon as they made the order.

Eventually, they ordered the most expensive steak on the menu. By this time, they were so drunk that one of them fell asleep as soon as they made the order. His less drunk friend ordered beer and continued drinking. After some time, the sleeping man woke up and they both went to the bathroom and came back rubbing their noses. As soon as the steak arrived, the young men attacked it with gusto and looked as if they were really relishing it. As the bartender watched, the young men’s heads drooped closer and closer to their plates, until their faces were in their food. Then the guy who had fallen asleep earlier passes out. His friend follows suit soon after. The bartender chose not to wake them up.

7. The security guard who failed to recognize a famous celebrity

Famous celebrities are regular faces at Las Vegas casinos. People recognize most of them from miles away. But here is a tale of a security guard who failed to recognize a famous celebrity.

One day, a nice old lady approached the shop the security guard was working for and he noticed that she was eating a cheeseburger. He politely told her that no food was allowed in the store.

She said “No worries” with a smile and proceeded to finish her cheeseburger outside the door, while chatting with two huge men in leather jackets who were accompanying her. The manager came running to the security guard and whispered, “Why did you not let her in?” The security guard replied that he was just following company policy and the lady did not mind. The manager said, “But she is Celine Dion!” That’s when he recognized her. She wasn’t wearing any makeup and was dressed like any normal person.

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