Must Have Web Browser Plug-Ins

At this point in the 21st century, people are aware of the capabilities of a browser. Browsers allow people to find, move, and watch content on the web. It could be a webpage, or video, social media content, stories or images, or files. Browsers speed up the process of finding content all over the world. Before browsers, it could take hours for people to find what they need on the internet. Now, it takes tenths of a second.

While browsers were amazing in the 1990s, when they were new, browsers are no longer new or unique. In the second decade of the 21st century, people are looking for something different to use their browsers for, and browser plug-ins is the rage. Browser plug-ins (also called extensions) adds to the services your browser can provide or improve the way it functions. They provide additional features the original developers of the browser did not think of. Browser plug-ins can have many different functions, from allowing you to hear content read to you from a browser to keeping your information safe. If you are looking for browser plugins to keep you safe, here is some of the best browser plug-ins for the New Year.

Security Through VPNs

Virtual private network plug-ins allows browsing freely on the web without worrying about whether or not the content you are researching is safe. VPN’s allow you to make sure that your data is safe. Some of the first VPNs were actually created to hide content and get rid of censorship issues in countries where free speech (which includes freedom on the internet) does not happen. VPN’s can work to hide your online identity, which is safer for you, and tougher for criminals to counteract. Many VPN’s have browser plug-ins.


nordvpnNordVPN is one of the largest service network security companies in the country. It works by encrypting (or even double encrypting) the information you are using on the web, and it keeps it safe from people who are constantly on the web trying to hack into your information to get access to your bank accounts and other information. As a plugin on your browser, Nord VPN installs quickly, and allows you to browse without becoming a handcuff on your browser. It can be used with computers, phones, or tablets. While there is a monthly fee, many people think it is well worth the price.


This VPN brand allows you to surf the web without worry as an extension. You can also get an entire suite of protection from viruses and malware, which can cause a host of problems. This VPN is not available for all browsers. Currently, only Chrome and Firefox can be used with PureVPN. If you are looking for total web security, PureVPN may be just what you need. Like Nord, this service also charges a small fee per month for monthly operation.


UBlock Origin, which can be operated as an extension on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, blocks ads for you on the net. A free extension includes features to shut down pop-up ads, invasive linking ads, and banner ads without slowing down your browsing activity. There is not a lot of detailed setup, and you can customize uBlock Origin to fit your experiences on the web. It may not provide you a completely ad-free experience on the web, but it is as close as you are going to get.

Privacy Badger

privacy badgerLet us face it; the idea that other people can see, interpret, package, and sell your data to companies is creepy. The fact that you can then be hit with sales and coupons coming from the very content you were looking at on the web is even creepier. While in the past it was easy to surf without worry, now that it not even remotely possible.

Enter Privacy Badger for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The plug-in allows you to browse the internet, stop computer scripts designed to track you, and prevents data sharing codes from running while you browse. Privacy Badger also stops applications from tagging malware or spyware on your computer, so it is great as first-step security. Best of all, it is completely free to use. In fact, it was developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation that was created to help us stay private and safe on the web.

The Camelizer

Amazon is the undisputed king of the internet marketplace. Very few people have not bought something from the retail giant in the last year. Amazon, because of its size, is able to offer wider selections of products in various sizes and colors. They can offer faster delivery and the best price.

However, with the monstrousness of the internet giant, many consumers have noticed a problem. Because it is so large, Amazon is able to manipulate the prices of products on its website. Often, consumers may overpay for products they could buy more cheaply somewhere else.

The Camelizer is a browser extension that allows consumers to look at sales data for nearly every product on the Amazon marketplace. Once the browser has been installed, customers on Amazon can find a product they want, and then open Camelizer up. When Camelizer is opened, it allows the customer to view all of the price spikes and falls. It also shows marketplace sales and other party offers. That way, you can decide whether to buy the product, and whether or not the product is a good price.


Available on Firefox, this amazing plug-in allows you to view information a site is trying to give you, rather than fighting through dozens of pages. This is especially annoying when you are trying to view a top-ten list of something—like browser extensions—and you have to click through 10 different pages. Each page would have its ads and pop-ups and banners for you to wade through, as well as fake buttons that look like the one you should push. However, when you push the button, you are taken to a completely new web page, that has nothing to do with what you were viewing. This is very frustrating for many web surfers.

Now, there is an amazing plug-in available for Firefox browser users called Re-Pagination. The plug-in organizes pages into a single screen of content, which eliminates all of the with the clickbait material these pages tend to have. This plug-in will save you scores of clicks—and scores of time.

Behind the Overlay

Finally, a plug-in available on Chrome and Firefox allows you to get rid of annoying little overlays. The overlays may want you to register for a newsletter, or sign up for a service or register to view their content. However, when you are browsing on the web, especially on a mobile device, the overlay may cover the entire page, which blocks the whole site. Many people get frustrated by the enormous use of overlays. However, Behind the Overlay allows you to get rid of the annoying overlays without any trouble, as long as the extension is active on your browser. While it cannot block the overlays before they pop on, it does get rid of them quickly.

If you add any of this plug-ins to your browser, you will be able to work more quickly and efficiently on the web. You will be able to protect your safety and security as well.

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