New Smartphone Trends for 2019

When it comes to technology, the smartphone market has witnessed more changes and volatility than any other market. To give you an idea, no one had ever heard of bezel-less smartphones until 2016. It was in this year that Xiaomi, a Chinese phone manufacturing company, introduced the first Mi Mix phone. Every major smartphone company has since copied the trend.

It’s OK to peek at the new smartphone trends for next year. To be frank, there weren’t any smartphone trends started in 2018 The only thing worth mentioning are the new camera tricks, such as Huawei’s P20 Pro’s triple-sensor kit. That did not change even when Apple introduced the iPhone trio in September.

There is much expected in the coming year. Samsung, for instance, has been described as a sleeping giant. Many expect the Korean company to introduce a trend soon. The global tech guru expects to release an anniversary Galaxy S10 edition. It also plans to release its foldable premium smartphones. This will motivate all smartphone manufacturers to showcase what they can do.

Experts expect 2019 to be the year when new technologies and features in the smartphone market will go mainstream. Here is a short list of the new smartphone trends for 2019:

1. In-display Finger Scanners

In-display Finger Scanners

Experts expect this new smartphone technology to massively hit the market in 2019. Tech experts expect companies will sell more than 100 million of these handsets. The manufacturers will have to shrink the smartphones’ bezels further. They can also opt to create room for other components in the back

So far, Samsung is the only company to adopt this technology.

There are some optical fingerprint readers tucked underneath the display of a bezel-less phone. There are also other superior ultrasonic phones, such as Qualcomm’s second-generation sensors. This new technology can accurately operate through glass up to a thickness of 800 microns. It is almost 500 microns better than the previous generation.

2. The Multi-Camera Design

huawei p20 pro camera

The smartphone market appears to be moving toward adding more cameras on various smartphones. In late 2018, a dual camera phone was one of the main highlights in gadgets, such as the Huawei’s P20 Pro. Therefore, it is only natural that smartphone buyers in 2019 get gadgets that have several cameras.

The Huawei P20 Pro was the first phone to have three primary cameras. There are rumors in the tech market that say Apple’s next iPhone will have a triple camera. Samsung is also not planning to be left behind. It plans to release the Galaxy S10, which will contain three cameras, in 2019.

3. Waterdrop Notch Displays

Oppo R17 Pro Waterdrop Display

This might not be a new trend but expect to see more of these upgrades in 2019. The waterdrop notch display is the smallest possible notch design that a smartphone can have. Apart from being less obtrusive, it makes a nice-looking screen.

As 2019 approaches, expect to see this trend catch on, especially in the mid-range smartphones market. Since the market is moving toward camera sliders and bezel-less phones, there soon might be no need for a notch.

Vivo’s V11 and V11 Pro are the latest smartphones to integrate the technology. Next year, consumers will see the introduction of Oppo’s R17 and OnePlus’s 6T. Each will include the waterdrop notch display design.

4. 7nm Smartphone Processor

Smartphone users in 2019 should prepare for the first phones with their processors designed on the 7nm production node. Apple began the trend with its 7nm A12 iPhones, which it launched in September 2018. Huawei’s Mate 20 was next in line. Companies plan to release more in the new year. Expect the 7nm node to be around for some time. If you have a 10nm phone, you will have to change it.

You can expect to see 5G networks and devices rolling out early next year. However, you will have to wait a while for a 5G-enabled phone. Companies plan to release the first 5G smartphones in spring 2019 and toward the second half of the year. They will come with better battery lives, low latency, and high-speed functionality.

5. Foldable Smartphones

Foldable Smartphones

For some time now, Samsung has been the leader in bendable OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) displays. It’s now fastening up its speed with the tapering of the innovation drive that is present in the smartphone market. Samsung has committed itself to introducing a true bendable phone in 2019.

The CES Expo will be in January 2019. Samsung might just take the opportunity to introduce a true foldable smartphone there. In terms of camera and chipset; this will definitely be a premium device. There are rumors that other companies, such as Xiaomi and Huawei, are also designing foldable phones.

6. 3-D-Mapping AR Tri-camera Setups

There have been rumors that Apple and Samsung are designing three cameras on the rear side of their top-notch iPhones and Galaxies. Perhaps, they could be 3-D sensing kits for gesture recognition and AR. Based on 3-D, the technology will be an upgrade on an interface navigation technique.

Oppo’s R17 Pro, for instance, has a rear camera with a time-of-flight (ToF) 3-D-sensing feature for AR and gesture navigations. With a 3-D-sensing back camera, a person can use the ToF sensor to scan virtual objects without actually touching them. Therefore, a 3-D-mapping AR tri-camera setup is a possible trend in 2019.

7. The Book Design

Xiaomi and Oppo have always been the trendsetters in the market. They are the latest companies to have announced their upcoming book design smartphones. You can compare this new trend with that of ZTE’s Axon M. However, these smartphones have screens that are better and more immersive.

This is one of the latest smartphone designs and has a lot of potential if implemented in the right manner.

8. The Popup/Sliding Camera Modules

Sliding Camera phone

The first phone to introduce this concept was Apex by Vivo. This new camera design can slide up when a person turns on the front camera. It leaves enough room on the phone’s front for the display and other components.

This innovation tends to reduce the phone’s bezel, thus enhancing the general aesthetics. Oppo, for instance, took the design further by adding rear cameras to its phones. The phones were also designed with other sensors that work with the 3-D face unlock.

9. In-Display Fingerprint Readers

This trend is not in the mainstream yet, so, experts expect it to rule the market in 2019. The fingerprint reader is in the phone display, which is just as the name suggests. This means you will not have to unlock the phone by reaching behind it or at the screen’s bottom. It will just unlock when you briefly tap the screen.

Now, there are not many smartphones that are using this new technology. It was initially used by most Vivo gadgets until Oppo introduced it in its Find X flagship. Xiaomi has also joined the bandwagon with the recently released Mi 8 Explorer Edition. The upcoming OnePlus 6T smartphone is also expected to come with this new technology.

From the above list, 2019 might just be a year of nothing but unorthodox smartphone trends and designs. New gadgets should hit the market with ultrafast connectivity, as preannounced by some industry kingpins.

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