Don’t take our love for alcoholic beverages as immediate advice to solve all your drinking troubles. After the binge of last night — let’s admit it, we’ve all had them — it’s time to face reality. And, reality usually slaps you heavily as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, hopefully, in your own bed. Now comes a rather more pressing worry. How do we get rid of the pesky hangover? If it’s a day off, God forbid, it’s time for us to be out or with friends, at least those who are not inebriated right now. Let’s check out what some of the common tips are for fighting the bane known as a hangover.

1. Drink the Right Sort of Fluids

drink waterAs if we didn’t know. This one is tricky advice because your stomach may not be quite in any condition to process food or drink. But, if you can, then water will help! The tissues in your brain consist mainly of water. Alcohol will dehydrate you, which, in turn, will shrink the tissues in your head. Pouring yourself a few glasses of water may help you to gradually fight off a headache and even feel better sooner. A tasty drink of natural juice is rich in fructose and that is another way to quickly get back on your feet.

If you have Greek yogurt (it’s a sort of sour dense “milk,” for want of a better word), you can add water to that. Fill half a glass with the yogurt and the other half with water. It does help. Another drink we favor is ginger tea. It’s been proven that ginger actually helps get nausea under control, although different people have different reactions to the tea.

2. A Good Meal is the Key to Success

scrambled eggsOne of our preferred meals of choice is scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs have been shown to protect the liver after drinking binges and they can be mixed with anything nutrient-rich. Most commonly, we’d opt for the classic version – vegetable — because any sort of meat may prove too heavy to process so soon after waking up.

Even then, greasy food will most certainly help you, too, because it helps soak up alcohol. However, if you are feeling bad after your drinking has finished, we recommend avoiding food for a while. The meaty bites ought to be consumed either before or during drinking. Anything too heavy after may not be a good idea.

3. Adding Soldiers to you Immune System

greens The healthier the lifestyle you have, the easier it will be for you to recuperate. You should consider including more greens in your diet. It’s not a surefire way to boost your immune system nor a guarantee for longevity. But, then again, it’s a step in the right direction and the dietary value of proper food is undeniable. Eventually, you may want to swallow a multivitamin pill. Then, again, don’t overdo on the vitamins either!

4. Enjoying the Day Off

day offWhen even the slightest tremor in your body sends a shiver of agony from your head to your feet, you wouldn’t want to go out for a quick walk. You needn’t do that either. Make sure to ensconce yourself in a comfy chair on your balcony and just breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the gentle caresses of the Sun. Of course, you may want to skip this morning ritual if the Sun is particularly hot, and you don’t want to add extra anguish to your already pounding headache.

5. Striking Before a Headache Catches Up

alcohol foodAnd, then again, if you want to make sure you are ahead of your headache, you can have a hearty bite beforehand. Drinking on an empty stomach will quickly put you off your stroke. We all have friends who have been “expert drinkers,” meaning they are seldom swayed by the intoxicating fumes and beverages and seem to feel quite all right when they pop up in the morning after a boisterous evening involving alcohol. Well, not everyone’s born this way, and it helps a bit to have a bite before you start your evening of drinking.

Ideally, you may want to mix your alcohol with food. Surely, many joints work around the clock allowing you to grab a bite while you are enjoying copious amounts of booze. After all, responsible drinking is all part of the equation and at least half the remedy you need to cure your hangover.

6. Give it to me Straight, Doc – IV Fluids

IV fluidsIt’s definitely not what we would recommend, although it helps. IV fluids are the best way to recuperate after an overwhelmingly difficult evening. However, these are only administered by health professionals, and unless you are in a state that necessitates your hospitalization, it’s rather unlikely you will have these lying around at home, not that you will know how to hook yourself up to an IV.

7. Hair of the Dog – As If

We have humorously named our article hair of the dog, but if you have been soaking up what we’ve written so far, then you will know – bad idea. Alcohol dehydrates the body, and water is what you need to keep a bad headache from getting worse. With this in mind, you may want to stay away from any drinks for a while.

8. The Homespun Pharmacy

aspirinMedicating your headache with pain meds could be risky. It’s not for the average person, though, and more specifically, not for someone who actually doesn’t know what he or she is taking. If you choose nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen, you are safe. However, acetaminophen is not a good idea because it may overwork your liver, which is already struggling. Admittedly, the anti-inflammatory drugs have a varying degree of success with most people. And, while some find relief, others don’t see the point. Still, if this doesn’t help, you will need to ride it out and rely on natural cures.

9. Time to Sexy Things Up

If you will excuse the crude double entendre, sex has no relation to how fast we overcome hangovers, despite what popular culture may suggest. And, then again, it may help you pass the time quicker than you would if you were just sitting on your hands.

10. Exercise the Pain Away

walkingIf you are in a condition to walk, you may pop out for a quick stroll if you have an area that offers this around your house. If not, you can start by stretching at home, for example. Then, again, if you feel nauseated, you should avoid all activities that involve sudden changes in your posture.

11. Prevention is the Key

Ah, yes. It’s the grown-up way of partying. If you only have one drink per hour, the chances of ending up intoxicated are slimmer. You are using science after all. One average beer would take 60 minutes, perhaps slightly more, to metabolize, making sure your body is not stressed in the slightest. Plus, if you space your drinking, you will start feeling potential discomfort sooner and probably add water to make sure you are not dehydrated.

This concludes the 11 tips we hold to be efficient, or at least amusing, when it comes to fighting your hangover. Not all will work for you, naturally, but they are certainly some of the most popular ones and great ways to address a common problem.

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