Reasons to refresh your gaming strategies

It has been said before — gambling is all about strategy. While there is nothing wrong with this statement, there is one aspect of it that gamblers keep on forgetting all the time.

Try visualizing poker players at a table. Even the most experienced of the players at the table does not know which card will be played next. For those with a weak hand, it is a common poker strategy to fold before getting too deep.

That is one lesson every poker player takes too seriously everything time they think of a gambling strategy. And the reason is pretty simple and self-explanatory — and that is, gambling is for the most part dictated by the element of the unknown, and which renders any strategy you pull in, regardless of how good it sounds, moot in a way.

Gambler’s Fallacy


One common problem among experienced players is that they tend to get too comfortable. Their experience pushes them into a comfort zone that will be making them feel like they have some level of control over the outcome.

Otherwise referred to as Gambler’s Fallacy, the tendency to put so much trust in your experience, while forgetting that gambling is a game of chance is what makes these players stretch their losing streak.

It is for this reason that you are advised to look for gambling strategies that fall outside of your comfort zone if you really want to start winning big. Forget about everything you know and consider refreshing some of your gaming strategies.

In fact, there are proven ways that you could employ today and stand an even better chance of reducing the house advantage. The problem is that these strategies are only a handful and far between.

In addition, when you think of it, Gambling would be so much monotonous and boring if everyone played the same.

For this reason, we stand as strong advocates for “NO RISK, NO REWARD.” In other words, you have to be willing to risk in order to win. No shortcuts.

That being said, here is a list of strategies that you can employ today and keep other players scratching their head after failing to figure out your moves and pundits arguing for a couples days about what is it that you were trying to do.

Read this bearing in mind that the only thing you will be giving up on is your habitual style of playing and nothing else.

Now let us dive straight in:

Learn to Pick the Right Games to Gamble On

Not all casino games are the same. For some reasons, some are far much better than others, and no one can argue against that.

In the same vein, some casino games are a cinch to win — and it is all because they have a lower house edge. Games such as video poker and blackjack are games of wits and skills, where your strategy counts, while a long list of other games relies on pure chance. You only win when you are lucky and no amount of skill or expertise gives you an edge over the house.

This is particularly important for those that want to grow their bankroll, in addition to making betting more enjoyable.

Learn to Win Casino Games

Learn to Win Casino Games

One of the most surefire ways of winning casino games is to shift your focus to time-tested strategies. A classic example is the basic blackjack strategy that works to ensure the underlying player receives optimal play in every single one of their games.

As for the rest of the games, a winning strategy is always one that involves finding the best bet and figuring out a winning system that you will be used to managing your bankroll.

A simple advice worth taking into consideration is that any trendy betting system such as the Martingale should be avoided at all cost. In its place, consider using a bankroll management system that will be helping you to cut down your loses every time a game fails to swing your way while allowing you to lock in winnings when you’re on a lucky streak.

Do Your Research

Do not bank all your hopes on canned tips. Instead, learn to do your own research. Speaking of which, there exists a number of casino tips that you can actually read today and boost your chances of winning while lowering the odds of risking your bankroll.

Start by looking into the house edge casinos have in the games you are interested in gambling.  Look at their price and your chances of winning.

One good thing with gambling is that the price of admission can still be won back. However, it starts with proper research on your part, and here are some casino winning tips that may come in handy during your research:

Rewards and Bonuses

Rewards and Bonuses

It is always wise NOT to turn down any form of compensation the system awards. Be it a bonus offer, a promotion, or a player reward, learn to accept them all as they come.

In which case, nothing lowers a house edge more than bonuses and rewards or any form of free money they give. Therefore, it is important that you never play without entering a coupon code in case of any or sliding a slot card into the machine.

Choose a Win Goal

Win goal is a common money management term in the world of gambling. Instead of gambling to an infinite amount, you set an amount limit at which you end playing upon hitting. For instance, if your target is to win $500, you do not continue playing after hitting the mark.

You simply keep playing until you hit your $500 goal target and call it quits immediately after.

Set a Loss Limit

A loss limit is another commonly used money management term in gambling. Instead of gambling your pockets dry, you set an amount limit of the losses you can take up for the session. You immediately stop playing the moment you hit this amount.

This is important as it helps to protect you from going on a tilt. It saves you from being tempted to recoup your losses and risk losing it all. You want to gamble responsibly, and have enough time to clear up your head before digging back into your bankroll.

Steer Clear of Progressive Betting

You have probably read a great deal about progressive betting systems such as Fibonacci, Martingale, and D’Alembert methods. Well, none of this progressive betting system is worth your time and sweat.

What these systems do is that they require you to keep on increasing your wager every time you lose in a desperate bid to make a small winning and recoup whatever you have lost.

Of course, you stand a chance to make small winnings in the short run, but there is the risk of losing your entire bankroll if luck is not on your side.

Learn to Fold in Poker Games

Folding is a well-publicized gaming strategy that is worth a mention on a list like this. As cliché as it sounds, folding still stands as a player’s ace in the hole when it comes to games such as the Three-Card Poker, Let It Ride, and Texas Hold’em to name a few.

Poker players are a brave lot. If anything, it takes a lot of soul to raise the bet or make a call, but there comes a time when the best hand is the one you choose to fold.

Keep in mind that bluffing is still marginal in poker games. Therefore, you might want to learn about when to call or not to call if your plan is to increase your chances of winning.  

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