Roulette – Should You Play American or European?

You’ve probably heard about American and European roulette. And you have no idea which one to play online or in a land-based casino. Before choosing between the two, it is imperative to understand how the two differ and how they are played. The information in this article can help you get started with American and European roulettes and start winning.

Roulette is very popular in casinos. The French invented this game in the seventeenth century. It moved to America, and it is widely played in Las Vegas. The European roulette doubles up as the original and the most popular roulette version. The American roulette was invented many years after the European roulette in the United States.

The Fundamentals of Online Roulette

online rouletteYou’ll come across roulette each time you step into any casino in the UK or US. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with the game is something you should consider. There are several types of roulette; live, online, and multiplayer. You should bear in mind that all these roulettes have many things in common. They also have a lot of differences. In most cases, roulettes differ in the mode of playing and the number of balls.

Online roulette is comprised of one wheel with thirty-seven numbered pockets. Sometimes the numbered pockets can go up to thirty-eight. When playing online roulette, players place their bets before the wheel is spun.

When a player loads online roulette in their browser window, they have enough time to place their bets. They can only hit the “spin” button after they’ve placed their bet and they are comfortable with it. The resting location of the ball determines payouts.

The best thing about online roulette is that you are free to place various stakes. In most cases, stakes in online roulettes are significantly lower than in land-based casinos. Online roulette also has a wide range of roulette versions to choose from such as French, live, and multiplayer roulettes.

European and American Roulette Versions

European and American Roulette Versions

To help you decide which form of roulette is perfect for you, we’ll discuss the two versions in detail. We’ll talk about the essentials in the two versions. We will also talk about how easy or hard it is to win the European and the American roulette versions.

First, let’s talk about the European roulette version commonly referred to as French Roulette. French roulette consists of a ball (metal), a wheel, and a table. When playing French roulette, players throw the metal ball on the wheel and place their various bets on the table.

The main difference between the two roulette versions is in the wheel. The American roulette wheel comes with an additional green pocket. In this version, players are allowed to place bets on 0 and 00 pockets. Betting in this manner increases the chances of earning 35:1 payouts.

Additionally, betting on 0 and 00 pockets comes with an enhanced house edge. The additional green pocket available in the American roulette gives players an additional wager to pick. You’ll only find the “top line” wager in this roulette version. In addition to differing through the additional 00 slot, the American and European roulette wheels have varied number layout.

American and European Roulette Versions: Chances of Winning

The two roulette versions provide almost equal chances of winning. However, players are more likely to win higher amounts when playing the European version compared to the American version.

When playing American roulette the chances of winning significant amounts of money are 1:38. This is because of the thirty-eight pockets available in this roulette.

American and European Roulette Versions: The Advantages and Disadvantages

American and European RouletteThe two roulette versions offer a memorable playing experience. Nonetheless, when it comes to roulette games, house edge is inevitable. House edge refers to the arithmetical advantage online, and land-based casinos have over the players. As we’ve previously discussed, the American roulette version contains an additional pocket. Although this might increase the chances of winning, hitting an odd or even betting successfully are very low.

The available 00 pocket in the American roulette version is said to augment the house edge to approximately 5.26 percent. This house edge is very high compared to the other version (European roulette) which is about 2.7 percent.

The double zero pocket considerably lowers the chances of winning. Let’s calculate the house edge on a bet of £100. According to the percentages above, £2.70 and £5.26 are pocketed by the casino in European and American roulette respectively.

Whichever roulette version you decide to play, you are advised to pick your wagers wisely. In the long term, your chances of losing to the casino are high. It is important to come up with a staking routine and try your best to stick to it.

Another important thing is to spread bets and go for the variant that works perfectly for you. While American roulette comes with more wagers for players to bet, it also has the highest house edge. On the other hand, European roulette offers few wagers to players but comes with a reasonable house edge.

To improve your chances of winning, consider staking more on the outside bets such as the black and red bets. Ease up on your stakes, especially on the corners as well as on straight ups. These two bets are not easy to hit.

Notable Key Differences

The American and European roulettes have different histories. The original roulette version was developed in the seventeenth century in France. The American version was developed in the seventies in America.

Familiarizing yourself with the differences between these two roulettes can help you decide whether to play live or online roulette. Today, the American roulette has grown to become one of the most played roulettes. American roulette is the most played in Las Vegas. Other parts of Europe including the UK and Canada are gradually adopting the American roulette.

One thing about the American roulette is that it has the least odds compared to the European roulette. However, this doesn’t hold back players from choosing this version over the original version. You should also note that the chips used in this roulette version are multicolored. Additionally, the wheel is in most cases strategically placed at the edge of the table. The European version comes with chips of the same color and the wheel is at the center of the table. The chances of winning are 1:37 due to the thirty-seven pockets available.

Final Thoughts

Your choice between these two roulette versions should be influenced by how well you know the game. Many players like the American version because of its 00 system. If your primary goal is to make as much money as possible playing roulette, consider choosing European roulette. This version is known for its low house edge. It also comes with additional features, such as the “En Prison” feature, which can enhance your winning chances significantly.

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