Scientology – What is it and Why do Hollywood Stars Join?

It seems as if a lot of people these days are joining Scientology. Many people are familiar with the word Scientology, but few people know what it stands for. Not sure what Scientology is or why it appeals to people in Hollywood? Keep reading for more information.

What is Scientology?

Scientology was founded in the United States in the 1950s by L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard is the author of a book called Dianetics. The word Scientology comes from the Latin word scio, which means to know. It also comes from the Greek word logos, which means the word that makes inward thoughts known. So Scientology means the science of knowledge.

Scientology is seen in some countries, such as the United States, as a religion. However, in other countries, such as Germany, Scientology is seen as a cult.

Basic Beliefs


Scientology is not a simple religion to understand. The main tenet of Scientology is that every human being has an unbreakable connection between the mind and the body. Over time, the brain responds to traumas experienced by people throughout their lives. These traumas can happen when someone is a young child, or throughout adulthood. Whenever these traumas occur, they are added to the other traumas experienced. This creates clouds or confusion within the brain, which means that a human being is only able to see a partial reality. They are unable to see the full reality of human experience.

To get rid of the trauma, Scientologists go through a process called “auditing.” Auditing helps Scientologists discover their sources of trauma and re-experience it. If the person can re-experience the trauma, they can get rid of the pain and confusion associated with the trauma. If a Scientologist can neutralize the memory, they can progress in their knowledge and wisdom. The goal for a Scientologist is to “go clear.” To go clear, means that a Scientologist is free to experience his or her full potential. Old thoughts and feelings do not get in the way.

Scientology does not have a theory about God. Scientologists are told they can discover the “truth” about God for themselves. This discovery is made as they rid themselves of trauma and their awareness increases.

The Power of the Human Mind

For Scientologists, the mind can be divided into two parts. The reactive mind is seen as a recorder of pain and emotional trauma. Therefore it is seen as an irrational part of the brain. However, there is also a rational part of the brain called the analytical mind. The reactive mind acts as the storehouse for memories that are associated with trauma, called engrams. Scientologists believe that because engrams are painful and debilitating, they make people move away from their true selves. Hubbard thought some engrams are planted by evil people, and others are accidental. All engrams lead humans to apathy, neurosis, illness, and insanity. However, if the engrams can be cleared through auditing, the human body is able to recover. Examples of diseases caused by engrams include mental illnesses, heart and lung disorders, cancer and epilepsy. Many Scientologists do not believe in doctors or medicine.


Scientologists believe that by clearing the mind, humans can tap into powers and abilities they do not realize they have. This gives humans the potential to be healthier and happier. Hubbard called the analytical mind a perfect computer, ready to make decisions in a split second with correct data.

Scientologists who go clear are able to progress past the cycle of birth and death and attain immortality. In addition, Scientologists believe those who go clear have additional strengths and powers they never knew they had.

Levels of Scientology

Scientology believes in levels of humanity. In other words, adults progress through the system as they meet one-on-one with a Scientology counselor or auditor. During counseling sessions, all information shared between the counselor and the believer is recorded. These counseling sessions are very much like confession in Christians (such as Catholics). However, in Scientology, no forgiveness is offered, and no advice is given. The role of the auditor is to help individuals discover their problems and free themselves of trauma.

The auditors monitor the clearance of past trauma in others using an e-meter. The e-meter is supposed to measure changes in the body’s electrical resistance as the Scientologist holds the electrodes. When the e-meter reads that the charge from the trauma has been dissipated, the person is seen as better.

Scientologists gradually progress from preclear to clear to operating the levels. When Scientologists reach higher levels, they are able to help others advance as well by becoming auditors. In addition to auditing, devotees of Scientology go through purification rituals. The purification rituals include hours in a sauna and supplements to detoxify the body.

Criticisms of Scientology

Criticisms of ScientologyOver the years, Scientology has faced many objections. Many countries refuse to recognize Scientology as a religion. The United States did not recognize Scientology as a religion until the 1990s after a long and protracted court battle. Several countries in Europe, including Germany, France, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, do not recognize Scientology as a religion. Canada and Australia also do not recognize Scientology as a religion.

Scientology has been criticized in several areas. There have been criticisms of Scientology because of the way it treats people who have decided to leave the church. Scientologists have also gotten into hot water for its treatment of people who are addicted to drugs. Dozens of drug addicts around the world have died under the care of Narconon, which is a business under Scientology. In addition, Scientology has been accused of taking money from its members without their permission.

Why Celebrities Embrace Scientology

Why Celebrities Embrace Scientology

Celebrities embrace Scientology for a couple of reasons. First, Scientology believes that celebrities and other artists operate on a higher level of thinking than other humans. Hubbard believed that actors, singers, writers, and artists are already processing through their past trauma through their art. He believes they should be encouraged to continue to create as part of the levels of Scientology. Second, Scientology actively embraces and seeks out celebrities to promote their religion. Hubbard actively recruited celebrities because he felt their status would be able to draw people to the religion.

Scientology has Celebrity Centers; eight churches where celebrities can go and worship without having to mingle with the common folk. Celebrity Centers are located in Los Angeles, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Florence, Las Vegas, London, Munich, and Nashville. While the public is still welcome in these churches, the emphasis is on welcoming members who are famous.

When a celebrity member is having a hard time the church will rush to their aid. The church provides them with the resources they need to escape public scrutiny. It’s no wonder that celebrities are willing to flock to the religion. It caters to what they need, and understands their need for privacy.

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