The Best Casino Destinations to Spend Spring Break

March is the unofficial spring break month. This is according to the hundreds of thousands of college students across the country. For them, it is a thirty-day break from school to meet up with friends and have a good time. Spring break is a period dedicated to drinking, attending wild parties, and hitting the sandy beaches.

However, who said that you could not use this time to check out local casinos and try out your luck? The following are the leading casino destinations to spend spring break in 2019.

1. Cancun


Its turquoise waters and warm sandy beaches are some of the factors that make it a top destination in the world. In addition, it is one of the most popular spring break destinations for college students across the nation. Cancun is the place to visit if you are in search of all the traditional spring break staples. Megaresorts, picture-perfect sandy beaches, and world-class casinos are but some of the things you can expect to sample.

The hotels and casinos here aim to please spring breakers, loud groups, hard partiers, and anyone looking for an all-inclusive plan. While in Cancun, make plans to visit the Hotel Zone. It features shops, nightclubs, bars, and themed restaurants to meet all your partying needs.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

You cannot mention gambling without Vegas springing into mind. It is the mecca for all gamblers. Vegas city has so many casinos that it would be unmanageable for you to visit them all in a single spring break trip. You can feel the excitement in the atmosphere as you walk through the crowds.

The neon lights give it a party feel. Additionally, there are lots of high-end restaurants, nightclubs, live shows, and all-you-can-eat buffets. So long as you will not lose all your cash, Vegas are a great spring break destination.

With regular and fairly priced flights and the best accommodation in the country, you can easily put down your savings at a casino here. Popular casinos here include Treasure Island, Caesar’s Palace, MGM Grand, and The Venetian.

3. Macau, China

Macau, China

Spring break is a time to travel and have fun. This means you do not have to remain cooped up at the local casino destinations. Why not use this opportunity to see the world and visit Macau, China?

Macau bears a lot of resemblance to Monte Carlo, yet another popular casino locale. It has large casino stretches making it a leading casino terminus across all of Asia. You may not know this, but casinos are the sole backbone of its tourist industry.

Famous casinos include Galaxy Waldo Casino, Macau Palace Casino, and Lisboa Casino. Macau is a great place to sample the Asian nightlife that comprises of casinos, restaurants, and shops. The city has a twenty-four economy providing you with ample time to wander the streets, play golf, race horses, and even try go karting.

4. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City is another huge casino terminus in the United States and one that also offers huge discounts on accommodation. The city has plenty of fine dining restaurants and a fun boardwalk where you can take a stroll before starting your casino vacation. Casinos that you must try out while here include Bally’s Grand, Taj Mahal, and Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

5. Niagara Falls, New York, and Ontario, Canada

Niagara Falls

If you are looking for top attraction, then the beautiful falls here will do it for you. However, Niagara Falls also happens to have a very vibrant casino culture. You can take a boat ride during your downtime before you come back later to sample its flashier side.

Niagara Falls is also a unique destination in that it is a point where you can easily cross between Canada and the U.S. to sample casinos. All you need to sample the fun on both sides is your passport. On the U.S., side makes sure to check out Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino. On the Canadian side, there are the Fallsview Casino and Casino Niagara.

6. Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

Many people planning a spring break trip to Austria do not think of casinos. Nevertheless, the truth is that this city located by the Alps is a must-visit for anyone who likes gambling. Gamblers who enjoy architecture and history will have loads of fun due to the presence of the Baroque-era structures.

The buildings play an important role in adding some European elegance to the tourist’s experience. Casino Salzburg, located in the recently restored Klessheim Castle is renowned for its culinary delights as well. It initially opened in 1934 but briefly closed down during the Second World War. Another casino to visit while in Austria is the Baden Bei Wien Casino.

7. Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada

Reno is in many instances seen as a smaller or younger sibling to Las Vegas. But Reno has to offer to all casino-lovers headed to spring break. Before Las Vegas took the top spot, Reno was the go-to place for anyone looking to have some fun at the tables or slot machines.

Reno is also more pocket-friendly for the budget traveler compared to Vegas. Additionally, you do not have to push your way through tourist crowds all day to get to your preferred casino. It has lots of outdoor adventure activities you can try out when not trying your luck at the blackjack tables.

8. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Do you want to experience some glitz and glamour and still gamble during your spring break? Then head down to Monte Carlo. Located at the Monaco coast, Monte Carlo gained prominence and wealth from the gambling industry. It is one of the few cities in the world that can boast of a rich tradition of high stakes and gaming fun.

The James Bond movies also made a significant contribution to its rising popularity. The city is ideal for players who have no qualms about splurging and who are also in search of pure luxury. One perk of heading down to Monte Carlo for your break is to see the stunning Mediterranean landscapes.

Apart from the beautiful scenery, the city is also known for hosting world events like the Rolex Masters and the Formula One Grand Prix. You are bound to have lots of fun both in and outside the casinos.

9. Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas

Located in the Bahamas, Nassau is the ideal destination for that student looking to gamble and spend some time out on the sunny beaches. Nassau is also the easiest and quickest casino destination to get to if you are in mainland Florida. This means that you are on only a cruise ship ride or quick flight away from a true gambling destination.

The Atlantis Resort is the most famous casino on this island. The casino has also hosted big poker tournaments in the past. While there, you can take some time to check out its impressive glass sculptures and lagoons.


Spring break is a time to have fun and connect with your college mates and friends from other colleges. You can also use this opportunity to try your hand at some exclusive casinos mentioned in this article. Who knows, you might head back to school being the newest millionaire in town!

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