When it comes to house and car insurance, these are sometime mandatory policies and sometimes policies people take out to protect their valuable property from damages or loss. What is surprising are the things people are actually choosing or willing to insure! From celebrities getting cover for their own individual body parts, to Loch Ness Monster protection, to insuring your own nose or facial hair! It’s quite amazing as to what the inhabitants of our world consider important and value materially!

So let’s dive in and take a look at some of the top strangest insurance policies and proposals –maybe you’ll feel a bit better about yourself when you have to make a call to the claims department.


Plants, trees and shrubs are usually covered under the general terms and conditions of your household/contents cover, for damage to the landscaping around your home and from from extreme weathers. But, if you own more exotic species of plants, it is worth looking into additional cover, especially if they are a bit more expensive than most.  


Food Poisoning

This doesn’t just apply to when jet off on your annual vacation to the Bahamas. Even though many holiday operators will insure you for up to nearly $4,000 depending on the severity of your illness, your medical expenses should give you some coverage for this according to Bancorp Insurance. Go easy on the red meat and seafood is all we can say on this one!

Birthday Party

Many of us groan and moan at the idea of aging another year, but when you’re looking to go all in on the celebrations, it’s worth having some kind of special event insurance in place. This insurance could cover against property damage, bodily injuries as well as alcohol-related mishaps that could cut your night short. You can even get protection against financial loss if you have to cancel your event due to bad weather or other incidents out of your control.


For those attuned into the supernatural, you might be happy to know that next time you venture into your uncle’s haunted cellar and end up bumping into Casper – you can get insurance for up to 1 million GBP if you die or become permanently disabled by a ghost. One hotel owner from England did precisely that when he witnessed a spooky entity lurking around his bar one night. As far as we know, he hasn’t put a claim in yet and the ghost still regularly enjoys a Martini there.  

Alien Abduction

As if ghosts alone aren’t scary enough as it is… If you’re extra-terrestrially terrified of the paranormal, you can protect yourself against being whisked off into space by flying saucers, UFOs and little green men, when you take out cover with the UFO Abduction Insurance Co. Not only do they accept all pre-existing conditions, they offer an insurance allowance of up to $10 million in the event of a kidnapping encounter with the third kind.


Fantasy Sports Insurance

Sports betting such as horse races, cricket, boxing and basketball makes up a substantial amount of overall gambling revenue every year. When it comes to Fantasy Football however, the International Insurance Agency of Huntingdon N.Y, will actually provide protection on the bets you place if a key player is hurt or injured! You’ll be eligible to receive a payout covering your entry fee as well as any other expenses. That’s a pretty fair “score,” right?


Multiple-birth insurance

If you have kids already or are expecting any time soon, you’ll know that a new arrival can be a bit of a handful. But when you’re surprised with more than one or two, it can make things especially challenging in terms of healthcare costs and medical visits. Although there are no official policies for this, you may be able to amend your existing insurance to cover those costs should you need to. The only catch is, you would have to make the changes to your policy prior to conception.  

Taste Buds

Could you imagine never being able to bask in the culinary glory of a 30-day mature steak, a fine fillet of sea-bass or double chocolate muffin ever again? That could be a nightmare for anybody! But one scientist went on a bid to save her savoring pallet by insuring her taste buds for 1 million GBP! Lloyd’s of London granted her the policy under the condition that she must avoid very hot food. Maybe she’ll have a more ‘taste-ful’ lifestyle, but we’re not sure how 10 mil will actually bring any flavor back in the long run!

Special Talent

For athletes, singers and professional performers, there are special policies available for those who want some extra protection outside of their home countries, or when they are on tour.  These insurances are primarily designed to cover the cost of injuries, but also there to assist in high-costing lawsuits and wrongful/accidental death lawsuits. We guess this one is more directed at the celebrities’ wealth, assets and health as opposed to their actual ‘talents.’


Your Identity

Doppelgangers, clones and straight-up conman are everywhere. But contrary to belief, identity theft is actually a serious problem in many parts of the world. Not only can a hustler find all of your personal information such as address, date or birth, phone numbers – but just by having this information, a thief can easily gain access to your bank account, use your credit cards and even take out a loan in your name. Identity Theft Insurance is widely available and will reimburse you for any stolen funds in the event this happens to you.


We’re confident there’s plenty of other strange things people have attempted to insure in the past. Even Mariah Carey insured against damage to her vocal chords for $35 million, while Julia Roberts insured her famous smile for $30 million. We’ve also heard stories of people insuring 1,000 kegs of pure syrup, their own sense of humor and even sperm… Maybe that multi-birth insurance policy may come in handy after all!  

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