These Airlines Are the Best When It Comes to Travel Points

Travel expenses tend to add up quickly. That is why it becomes important to take advantage of any savings when the opportunity arises. We looked at some of the factors that are important to most travelers. The list below names the best airlines for travelers to use based on travel points. The factors we considered included the ease and benefits of earning a free flight or a good hotel stay.

If you are a leisure traveler, then these airlines are the best when it comes to travel points. It is also important to consider other factors. These include the network coverage and the rate of the account’s earning and redemption.

Spirit Airlines’ Free Spirit

Spirit Airlines is one of the few airlines that have loyalty programs for travelers. This loyalty program provides travelers with a limited network and other benefits. And, both elite and basic members can benefit from it. However, basic members would only enjoy a half-mile for every mile the airline covers with them on board.

After three months of inactivity on the account, the miles automatically expire. This makes it a bit complicated for day-to-day travelers to attain elite status. But, let’s look on the bright side. Free Spirit has several other benefits. The airline also gives members the opportunity to earn miles in other ways. One additional way to receive an award is to stay at any property owned by Choice Hotels. A traveler will also accrue miles when he or she makes purchases with an affiliated credit card.

Southwest Airlines’ Rapid Rewards

Southwest Airlines’ Rapid RewardsSouthwest Airlines is the best for budget-conscious travelers even if its loyalty program does not have diverse geographical coverage. The Rapid Rewards program lets travelers redeem points when they fly to and from the U.S., the Caribbean, and Mexico.

The high award flight availability score for this airline is great because it has no blackout dates. Members would be able to check up to two bags for free. The airline also has unlimited reward seats. Elite members have more benefits than other travelers. Expedited airport security and priority boarding are just two of them.

The affiliated credit card holders also have certain things to smile about. They will earn access to redemption choices, such as cruises, car rentals, and international flights.

With all these perks and rewards, Southwest Airlines is one of the best airlines for travelers.

Hawaiian Airlines’ HawaiianMiles

The HawaiianMiles loyalty program is the best for vacationers who take several flights to and from the Hawaiian Islands. The basic membership does not offer extra benefits and that is why it might not work for day-to-day travelers. However, those who attain elite status have a higher chance of enjoying several benefits.

The perks include priority security lines and complimentary airport lounge access at participating airports. On top of that, all members would earn miles by using the airline’s credit card to buy everyday items. They would also earn points by using the select cruise lines to book a cruise vacation. When they fly on partner carriers, such as JetBlue and Korean Air, they would also earn additional miles.

American Airlines’ AAdvantage Loyalty Program

American Airlines’ AAdvantage Loyalty ProgramAmerican Airlines is the best when it comes to the array of options for flights and improved AQR score. This is one reason why it has one of the best airline reward programs, the American Airlines AAdvantage Loyalty Program.

Members who use this program will earn more than 5 miles for each dollar they spend on a flight. In addition, travelers will get no less than 500 Elite Qualifying Miles on each flight they take. There are other advantages as well, such as expedited security screenings and complimentary cabin upgrades. These are also available to travelers who have gained elite status.

Meanwhile, the holders of the select American Airlines credit card have access to more benefits. They include one free checked bag and access to priority boarding.

Frontier Airlines’ FRONTIER Miles

In June 2018, Denver-based Frontier Airlines made a major change. It ended its famous Early Returns rewards and introduced a new program. The airline called it FRONTIER Miles.

This program is best for those who regularly fly between the cities in the Midwest and other smaller destinations. Members who have this loyalty program receive up to 5 miles for every flight. They can also receive the miles when they make purchases with the linked credit card.

There are three elite tiers. Those who qualify would enjoy advanced seat assignments and complimentary carry-on bags, as well as other benefits.

JetBlue’s TrueBlue

The name of JetBlue’s reward program is JetBlue TrueBlue. Some of the main features of this program are reduced rates of redemption and ample award flights. For every dollar a member spends on flights and vacation packages, he or she can earn great points. One amazing thing about the JetBlue points is that they do not expire.

Badges collected while interacting with the airline on social media can also reward a person a loyalty point. Travelers who have the TrueBlack Mosaic status or one of the airline’s credit cards receive several benefits. They include expedited security lines, easy boarding at participating airports, and up to two free checked bags. That makes JetBlue one of the best airlines when it comes to providing its travelers with travel points.

United Airlines’ MileagePlus

United Airlines’ MileagePlusEvery day, United Airlines has around 4,500 domestic flights to more than 350 destinations. Its MileagePlus is one of the best loyalty programs for those who make frequent domestic flights. Members would be able to earn and redeem points on more than 35 United Airlines flights. In addition, they will also accrue miles when they stay in hotels, such as a Hyatt or a Marriott.

Those who are lucky to qualify for elite status are eligible for more benefits. These include free seat upgrades and bonuses for awarded earnings.

Delta Airlines’ SkyMiles

Delta Airlines offers 4,100 daily domestic flights. In addition to the flights, there are other ways that travelers can earn and redeem miles. One of these rewards is the Delta SkyMiles.

Some of the ways to earn points include booking cruises, buying items using the Delta SkyMiles credit card, or staying at Airbnb properties. SkyMiles elite members would enjoy priority check-in and free cabin upgrades.

Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan

Alaska Airlines’ Mileage PlanAlaska Airlines has the best airline rewards program for those who fly with the airline. Known as the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, it has received the No.1 Best Airline Rewards Program award for the fourth year in a row.

Members receive up to 3 miles for purchases made using the airline’s credit card. This program has one of the easiest ways to earn the participants a free flight. It is the best because of its great network coverage and the amazing AQR score. As usual, members who attain elite status are able to enjoy additional benefits.

Despite many people believing that it is hard to save while flying, there are airlines that offer several saving options. The myriad of options mentioned above extends beyond earning some extra free miles and into other incentives.

Make the best decision when booking your next flight. Who knows what you’ll receive!

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