Maybe you’re a seasoned casino vet looking for something new, or maybe you were just never particularly drawn to the glitz and glamor of places like Las Vegas or Macau. Or maybe you’re just making a note to yourself for when you’ve grown tired of Caesar’s Palace, the Bellagio, and all the other standard places on the Las Vegas Strip.

Whatever the reason, check out our thoroughly researched recommendations for alternative casino options. And if you’ve been looking for an excuse to go on a trip, here are some hot destinations that will be well worth your while!

Casino Baden-Baden Spielbank

Location: Kaiserallee 1, 76530 Baden-Baden, Germany

Visitors say: The art and history are remarkable. The building is sophisticated and elegant both inside and out. Take the tour if you’re curious to know more about the casino’s architecture and history.

Can’t miss: Aside from this landmark casino itself, Baden-Baden is known and loved by visitors from all over, especially for its spas, parks, and historical ruins.

Opening hours: 2:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. from Sunday through Thursday, and 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Open since 1821, Casino Baden-Baden features gorgeous chandeliers, luxurious carpet, and a general décor. There’s a sense of timeless elegance that just about anyone can appreciate. If your traveling companions are less interested in gambling, it’s still an impressive building. Sign up for the morning tour and hear about the fascinating history behind it all.

The casino offers one French roulette table, 11 American roulette tables, four poker tables, two ultimate poker tables, five blackjack tables, and a multitude of slot machines with denominations ranging from €0.01 to €0.50. In keeping with their overall ambiance, the casino even has two separate areas: the ground floor is for classical gaming (roulette, poker, blackjack, and more) while the basement is reserved for slot machines. That way, the Vegas vibe is contained to one area.

A tip for nonlocals: If you hear someone say “Für die Angestellten,” it means “For the employees.” Tipping is not required by any means, but it definitely keeps the atmosphere warm and friendly to give a chip to the croupier after a big win.

Another detail: if you want to fit in, you have to dress the part, and when you see the interior, you’ll be glad you did. Even if you normally dislike stuffy events with a strict dress code, the architecture, furnishings, art, and lighting will make you feel like you’re in a different time and place. That means you can be a different person there, too – try it out!

If you don’t own much formalwear and would rather not spend money on any wardrobe changes, you’re in luck. Casino Baden-Baden actually offers jacket rentals for eight euros and tie rentals for just three euros. Do bring your own shirt, though – there’s no rental option for these, and they’ll cost you 18 euros. That’s an extra 20 bucks to spend on your favorite casino game – roulette, poker, blackjack, you name it!

Casino de Monte-Carlo

Location: Place du Casino, 98000, Monaco

Visitors say: A beautiful and classy establishment with amazing exterior and interior views. A great place to pretend you’re an extra in a Bond movie – or James Bond himself.

Can’t miss: The Grand Théâtre de Monte Carlo

Opening hours: 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m., Sunday through Saturday

Feel like getting in touch with your inner James Bond? Why not check out the very casino that inspired the stories and even served as a location of multiple Bond movies?

With over 300 slots and table games, the Casino de Monte Carlo is a breathtaking gambling and entertainment complex located in Monaco. After facing more than a few hurdles including several moves and ownership changes, the casino finally opened in 1863. Today, it features four separate rooms featuring different kinds of games – you’ll find classics like European roulette, English roulette, blackjack, Texas hold’em, and craps, as well as electronic options like video poker and slots. Lesser known options like stud poker and Trente et Quarante are also available.

Like Baden-Baden Casino, Monte-Carlo also enforces a strict dress code. If you’re someone who prefers a more European approach to luxury and elegance over the dazzle of Vegas (or you’re just a big fan of Agent 007), Monte Carlo is a great option for you.

Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex

Location: 8 Whiteman St, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia

Visitors say: New Crown Casino guests will be blown away by the variety of entertainment offerings and the vastness of the complex.

Can’t miss: Take advantage of the variety of options! Restaurants, bars, even things like an arcade and a bowling alley are readily available to you.

Opening hours: 24 hours a day, seven days a week

If you’re a gambler who has visited Australia or who plans to visit one day, this is a place you’ve definitely come across in your research. That’s because it’s one of the continent’s top destinations, and it’s not exclusively for gamblers either. If you’re hoping to take your friends or family somewhere, but they’re not as enthusiastic about casinos, this is a great place where everyone will find something that piques their interest.

Located in the city’s business district, it’s a sprawling complex where accommodation options are just as appealing as the casino game selection. Crown Towers is a five-star hotel located by the river. If you want a luxurious experience with a view overlooking the bustling city center, this is the place to be. Another five-star establishment, Crown Metropol has a reputation as the hotel with the most rooms in the country. For those who value convenience above everything else, the 4.5-star Crown Promenade has the advantage of an overpass that provides guests with easy access to the main complex. Each hotel has a unique vibe (and varying price ranges for accommodation), so there’s something for everyone. A fourth tower, One Queensbridge, has been approved and will be the tallest skyscraper in all of Australia.

The Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex has hosted a long list of celebrities and public figures, including Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, One Direction, and Nicole Kidman. Famous tennis players often stay there during the Australian Open as well, so if you’re a sports fan, visit during the tournament and get access to a multitude of gaming options when you want to unwind after a day of cheering on your favorite player.

And one last accomplishment: it also hosts the World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific, the latest expansion of the World Series of Poker. Whether you’re a professional or just a fan who likes to watch games, you’re sure to enjoy your time here.

Sochi Casino and Resort

Location: 51 Estonskaya Street, Estosadok Village, Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi 354392, Russia

Visitors say: It’s an impressive facility with the range of options you’d expect at any decent casino. Even when casinos were still legal everywhere in the country, Moscow casinos couldn’t compare with what you’ll find here: an abundance of games, entertainment, convenient location, good service, and top-notch restaurants.

Can’t miss: Why not take the opportunity to explore Russia? Take some time to walk through the streets of Gorki City; enjoy the sea and the mountains – or schedule your trip for the winter and go skiing!

Opening hours: 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Russia doesn’t exactly have a reputation for its gambling opportunities, but that might be the exact reason you’d want to visit and see what it’s like. The interesting thing is that Russia currently has laws in place that have banned casinos throughout the country – except for four designated zones: the Altai, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad, and Primorsky regions.

Sochi Casino is of course one of the few exceptions. It can be found at the Gorky Gorod Resort, and the casino is breathtaking. The exterior is majestic, and the interior doesn’t disappoint either. In fact, it declares itself as one of the largest luxury casinos in Eastern Europe. The casino is spacious with more than enough options for all kinds of gamblers: 569 slot machines, 22 American roulette tables, 4 electronic roulette games, and 70 tables for card games. High rollers can also take part in regularly scheduled tournaments with potentially huge winnings.

Perhaps as a result of being one of very few casinos in the area, Sochi Casino has proven time and again that it highly values customer satisfaction. The staff take feedback very seriously and are always striving to provide excellent service and the best experience possible for visitors.

Grosvenor Casino The Victoria

Location: 150-162 Edgware Rd, Marylebone, London W2 2DT, UK

Visitors say: Overall, the casino is very attentive and responsive to comments and complaints – many guests reported that the staff provided exemplar service and any negative incidents were promptly resolved to their satisfaction.

Can’t miss: Poker is the main attraction at this London casino. They hold massive, well-known tournaments – for example, it hosts the final leg of the GUKPT, the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour.

Opening hours: 24 hours a day, seven days a week

If you’re more comfortable with the idea of taking a trip to an English-speaking country, the United Kingdom is a great place to go. Check out Grosvenor Casino The Victoria, located in a vibrant, central part of London. Nicknamed “The Vic” by city locals, the casino is full of positive energy – there’s never a dull moment for players there. The Poker Room contains 35 poker tables along with 20 slot machines, electronic roulette, and all the classic table games.

Be sure to make a reservation at the restaurant on location, too – it has nearly as many rave reviews as the casino itself. They offer attentive, customized service and excellent international cuisine. Once you’ve gotten familiar with the casino, don’t forget that the area surrounding it is also buzzing with constant action. It’s an exciting city with plenty of sights and attractions to provide breaks between gaming sessions.

If you have a positive experience, you’re in luck – Grosvenor is actually a chain of casinos that now boasts 55 establishments all across the United Kingdom. For your next vacation, you can plan a cross-country trip to try them out.

Bahamas Premier Casino at Atlantis

Location: One Casino Drive, Suite 41, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Visitors say: This casino features gambling much like what you’d find in Las Vegas – you still have a lot of options, but many people find it significantly more approachable and less overwhelming than the average Vegas casino.

Can’t miss: There are aquatic activities everywhere you turn – aquariums, ferry rides, kayaking, and water parks. Take advantage of them!

Opening hours: 24 hours a day, seven days a week

For Vegas-loving gamblers who yearn for a beach getaway, Atlantis is the perfect destination. Just think about it: the island is called Paradise Island for a reason!

A holiday at the ocean-themed resort is sure to fulfill everything you want out of your vacation: fun, relaxation, excitement, sun, and more. The vibrant gambling atmosphere is modeled after what you’d find in Vegas, but you also have a yacht-filled marina, a private golf course, multiple water parks suitable for adults and children alike, a grand total of six options for accommodation, and villas galore.

As for the actual gambling, there are 85 tables featuring classics like baccarat, Texas Hold’em, roulette, and blackjack. For slots lovers, they keep their collection up to date and currently offer 700 of the latest slot machine games. To ensure guest satisfaction, the casino even offers daily gaming lessons for free.

Interesting fact: casino gambling is actually one of the main sources of revenue in the Bahamas. Residents aren’t actually allowed to gamble, but as a tourist, you can enjoy your time and feel good about contributing to the local economy!


So there you go – now you just have to bookmark this list for when you’ve run out of the world’s most popular casinos to try.

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