What the World Would Look Like Without Casinos

Gambling has its share of stigma and bashing. It is easy to claim that life would be so much easier if casinos never existed. However, when you come to think of it, rarely do such a Utopian kind of thinking ever leads to anything useful. Neither do they help to eradicate the sins of society.

What they do instead is lump some of the things the society detests — while playing deaf to the possibility of anything good ever coming from them — and push them deep into their dark corners.

But then again everyone is entitled to dreaming.

Casinos are mostly about taking risks. In which case, doing away with casinos is like denying the value of risk taking or making some hard decisions in life.

Nothing is very safe

We get it — gambling is not safe. Nevertheless, so is life itself. In fact, there is no safety in numbers.

Whereas there is not much difference between gambling and taking an investment risk, a common misconception is much safer. It brings stability in addition to providing your life with the much-needed structure.

However, after looking at it keenly, nothing about this statement stands as the Bible truth. Even after pumping in the hours, trying to impress your superiors, the possibility of being sacked still lingers. It does not necessarily have to be out of something wrong you did.

For all we know, the company could be restructured or making budget cuts. Moreover, when it happens, it does not necessarily imply that you made a wrong life decision at some point in life.

Alternatively, that you risked it all with a wrong company. More like betting and losing, it could also be interpreted to mean you are just unlucky. Soon or later, things are bound to fall back in place and if you are lucky, you might even land something better. It goes with gambling — losing does not mean the end of good things to come.

Gambling is a Lot like Starting a Business

gamblingIt has been said before that choosing the path of entrepreneurship is more rewarding than settling for a day job. All true — but you cannot deny the fact that it is still the bigger risk to take.

Of course, it comes with more assurance and stability, given you’re your own boss and the only one with the power to fire yourself. You get to decide how the business operates.

However, making that first decision to start a company is a gamble itself. You are simply venturing in the unknown, clueless about what lies ahead, save for the part where you are hoping for the thing to go as planned so you can start reaping off the benefits.

Keep in mind that a good number of the businesses that people start end up failing pretty bad.

Therefore, in a way, gambling is a lot like making the decision to start a business. For what it is worth you cannot predict the outcome or be so sure about what to expect. You are simply taking a risk while crossing your fingers and hoping that today might be your lucky day. In addition, more often than NOT, you lose until luck comes knocking at your door.

A World without Choices

People choose to gamble. They are NOT talked or enticed to it as some people choose to believe.

Most of the gambling decisions people make will be happening in the casino. You choose to place a bet and then live to own the consequences of what comes next.

Back in your mind, you will also be very much aware that the gambling company you are betting with is earning a cut from the profits you make. Still, you choose to go ahead and lay the bet.

What this does is that it teaches you a very valuable life lesson, especially when you lose. It teaches you to own the outcomes of the choices you make.

You cannot blame the casino for being there in the first place. You made a decision to gamble, and that is what triggered the sequential flow of events that together lead you to the situation you are in.

Therefore, in a way, gambling can be looked at as the essence of life itself.

Life would be Boring

Ever wondered why people still gamble despite being fully aware of the risks involved?

It is NOT like these people are stupid. However, as Arthur C. Clarke explains, people have always been fascinated by the mystery a falling dice, a pointer spin, and the turn of a card.

That pretty much explains why a great majority of the world’s population is into sports. The fact that we do not know what to expect when two teams or two people choose to jostle or play against each brings with it a certain level of excitement when we try to weigh into the outcome with differed opinions.

Even the most sophisticated of the minds you are likely to come across are equally fascinated by the mystery of chance. Every time the human mind is exposed to machines that behave in a purely random manner or an event whose outcome cannot be predicted, regardless of the amount of information we have mustered regarding it, we derive our jollies.

In other Words, there would be NO Society

As we said, everyone is entitled to wishful thinking. But one thing we can all agree on is that it’s hard to imagine a society without risks.

As a matter of fact imagining a world without casinos is akin to imagining life without risks. It is hard to imagine a world where contests that allow stakes do not exist. There would be no elections, drug trials, or competitive exams.

Such a world can only exist in the mind that’s restrained from thinking.

A World that’s Outlawed Commercial Gambling

A world that’s very averse to the idea of gambling can exist. If anything, gambling for money is a relatively new phenomenon that never existed in Europe until the 17th century.

Gambling has also been outlawed in certain regions of the world, including China. The point is, there would not be much different if the world decided to outlaw commercial gambling.

What would happen is that commercial entities that specialize in offering gambling services would find some other services to sell, while those who gamble would still find other ways to engage in it.

The Economy would Suffer

It is an obvious fact that casinos create jobs, tax revenues and even push the average wage rates much higher.

Several studies have come forth back up this claim, all of which agree that the legalization of casinos fosters economic growth, better wage rates, and employment.

The most comprehensive of the studies on this was one on wages and employment as conducted at the county level in the US.

With a variety of pertinent factors controlled, the study established that counties with casinos have a much better employment rate compared to the counties without (by an upward of 8%). Wages were also found to be much higher in these counties as opposed to counties that outlawed casinos.

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