In this ever-changing and insanely fast-moving age of technology, you either must adapt and learn like the rest of the world or get left behind. Of course, with new and exciting technology also comes a drastic change in society as a whole. It changes how we find out things about each other and how we interact as a community. Whereas in the past, the only way to score a date was to hang around in bars or go to singles events, today there is Internet dating.

Thanks to social media and online dating sites, it is now extremely easy to find out absolutely everything about your partner or the person you’re about to go on a date with. This article aims to shed some light on what to look out for before your first date in an age of technology, where the Internet and social media means everything to everyone.

Keep that Social Media Clear

If you’re looking to make an impression on your date, then you should make absolutely certain that your social media feed is clear of any material that may suggest in any way that you’re not an “upstanding citizen.” By this, I mean, of course, that you shouldn’t have anything on your feed that suggests that you partake in any illegal activities or that you have an interest in things other people may find easily offensive or lewd. No sharing pictures of a marijuana joint and captioning it with some elevated thought process that you went through at 5 in the morning.

Nobody wants to see that, especially not your future date. Similarly, it is extremely important to watch and monitor precisely which pages you like or choose to share. Future dates may easily find some of them offensive. Even sharing certain memes may be very offensive to a certain group of people. To counter this, I suggest only following pages that are “closed,” so the rest of your feed can’t see them. This will then allow you to browse all the sites you choose and like whatever you want without having future dates judge you solely based on your social media presence.

Choosing a Profile Picture

Without a shadow of a doubt, the minute you meet someone, whether it’s online or in person, one of the first things he or she will do is search for you on social media. While it is vital to keep your social media presence respectful, as previously mentioned, it is also of importance to choose the right picture as your profile/cover photo. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer or look like a model, but you should choose a picture that best resembles you daily.

Choose an image that is the ideal picture you would want your future partner to see; it’s an image that represents you. For example, choosing a photo where you’re with your friends all boozed up and falling over is probably not what you want your future partner to see first. Instead, an image of respectability is more appropriate — for example, a picture of you or you with your friends or family where you look presentable and not like a mad person.

Don’t Stalk Their Profile

In this age of the Internet, it is extremely easy to find out a person’s likes, dislikes, and whole history from the moment he or she sets up his or her profile. And, while this information may provide a key understanding when it comes to common interests, it may work in the opposite way. Instead, it may affect your chances of getting a second date. For example, if you’re talking to your date and start talking about his or her interests before he or she brings it up, your date may question how you knew that information in the first place.

This might then subsequently lead to an awkward conversation about how you stalked his or her social media profile for hours to find out more about him or her. It doesn’t come across well. Instead, try finding out about the person in a natural way. Ask questions, gauge the situation, and discuss topics that occur naturally in conversation rather than ones present in his or her social media account. Another thing to be extremely wary about is questioning him or her about previous relationships that you’ve found out about from the social media account. If it’s important, then your date will bring it up. Otherwise, you should just assume there are no ongoing relationship issues.

A Wealth of Knowledge

As you know, the Internet has an astounding wealth of knowledge. You wouldn’t be reading this if it didn’t exist! You can use this vast database to answer any questions you may have about dating in general and there will be thousands of responses that will hopefully clear your mind and make you less nervous about meeting new people, just like this article aims to do. From help with clothing choices to do or don’ts, the Internet will have millions of answers waiting for you to stumble across within a single click.

This makes the Internet a very useful tool to have when it comes to the world of dating. There are specific blog sites dedicated to this subject and they will take the time to talk through any issues or questions you have on just about anything to do with dating. You can, therefore, put your mind at ease and you will be more prepared in the long run.

Dress to Impress

It’s been said countless times, and it is an absolute no-brainer, but I think it’s still important to reiterate the vital importance of looking presentable for a date. No one wants to turn up for a date and sit next to someone who is wearing the same clothes he or she has worn for the past week and reeks of body odor. Therefore, what you wear and how you look becomes one of the most vital aspects of preparing for a date. Not to fear, though. The Internet can almost certainly help you here.

There are countless websites and blogs that will give you advice on what to wear and what looks good. There are some websites and online stores that offer services where you can hire a personal stylist who will send you clothes that will specifically match your body, style, and needs. This person will ensure this whole process very simple. The abundance of online clothing stores is sure to have exactly what you’re looking for and will, no doubt, have something somewhere for an affordable price. This will allow you to look great while on your date and give your date an exceptional first impression of you.

First Impressions Are Everything

As you can gather from the rest of this article, dates are not easy. First dates are even harder. But, thankfully, because of the countless useful websites and blogs on the Internet, you can easily make your life a lot simpler by just seeking advice or reading some articles.

These will hopefully give you the knowledge and the confidence you need to go out there and make a great first impression. Because everything you do or say will be thoroughly scrutinized by your date, it’s vital to impress him or her from the get-go. That will greatly affect your chances of scoring that second date.

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