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As a golf enthusiast, you must always long for the best possible driving ranges out there in which you can truly test your skill and improve your game in a completely fair environment. The world is full of spectacular driving ranges that have everything to offer enthusiastic golfers, from spectacular scenery to time-saving devices. I’m here to give you an informed list of the top places to test your skill around the globe and, who knows? Maybe a golf vacation is needed this year?

World of Golf – London

world of golfAddress: Beverley Way, New Malden KT3 4PH, UK
Hours: 7 AM – 12 AM
Phone: +44 20 8949 9200
Google Rating: 4.3 (308 Reviews)

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Holding the title of the busiest driving range in Europe, this may not be for those who wish to spend their golfing time in complete peace and quiet. However, this range does invite a great deal of opportunity. Because of its abundance of new technology, you can see exactly where your golf game is going wrong and where you need to improve.
For example, this London driving range features Power Tee mats that prepare each ball for you. That means that you get the maximum time hitting and reviewing your shots so you can observe and amend your performance based on the results without wasting time setting up each new tee, a definitely tedious part of any round of golf.
Similarly, this driving range offers ProTracer technology, which is exceptionally helpful when it comes to reviewing your shots. It relays back to you exactly how far each ball has been hit and what the flight of the shot was like. These are all required fields to know when reviewing your performance so you can improve upon it.
Also, in use at this driving range are high-speed color video cameras that will track your club and ball movements, thus allowing you to easily observe where your strikes need improving. Professional coaches are also available to assist upon request. This is a site that is definitely worth visiting if you truly wish to improve your golf game and performance in an efficient way.

“Great 18 hole crazy golf course. Great fun for all the family. It is very popular (deservedly so) so can get quiet busy so occasionally there is a wait in between each hole. Staff are friendly. There is a costa on site.”

Thornleigh Driving Range – Sydney

Thornleigh Driving RangeAddress: 142-178 Pennant Hills Rd, Thornleigh NSW 2120, Australia
Hours: 8:30 AM – 9:30 PM
Phone: +61 2 9875 5445
Google Rating: 4.4 (208 Reviews)

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Just a small drive north of Sydney, this state-of-the-art driving range offers 56 bays that are spread across two floors. This guarantees everyone has enough room to improve his or her swing. Twenty of these bays have been fitted with auto-tee technology, which will automatically place a new ball after each swing in the desired location and height that you have selected. This makes it a lot easier to find a rhythm and pace with each swing without having to set-up after every shot, an extremely tedious and aggravating part of any golf game.
As with the London range, this site also has a professional team of golfers that is always on hand and can, therefore, provide information and advice on techniques, stances, and other questions that you may have about the world of golf.
At this Australian driving range, all the balls are Srixon range balls exclusively. That means the quality of the balls can be maintained over a long period of time, thus making sure that your ball strike and flight is consistent, a necessary part of professional or amateur golfing.
As with many other top driving ranges across the world, the Thornleigh Golf Centre offers many different types of lessons, such as a “Basics,” 60-minute session for beginners, or a “Game Changer” 180-minute session, that ensure amateur golfers can build up their confidence or improve an already-competent golfers’ game. These sessions can be embraced by all. There are sessions for children and seasoned veterans alike, so this range is ideal for those with families.

“Great driving range. Friendly staff and kid friendly. Automatic ball feeders. Also great cafe to relax in after your session.”

The Els Club – Dubai

The Els ClubAddress: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Hours: 6 AM – 11:30 PM
Phone: +971 4 425 1000
Google Rating: 4.2 (139 Reviews)

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This driving ranged was created by legendary golfer Ernie Els, the two-time U.S. Open and two-time Open Championship winner. It should immediately strike a chord with seasoned golfers and those who wish to get into the sport as a whole. With six individual greens over a space of 450 yards, this range is a truly remarkable one that cannot be simply described and is best witnessed first-hand.
Not for those on a tight budget, this first-class golfing experience is for those who wish to play their favorite sport in absolute luxury. With five-star dining and service, it is easy to see why so many seasoned veterans of the sport choose to spend their time here. The range is open from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., so there is ample time for a lengthy session if you wish. The course is lit from underneath at night, so you can still observe and review your shots clearly even in the dead of night.
The use of this practice area is complimentary when you book a tee time and will be available 45 minutes before. You will be able to get some experience and improve your performance before you play on one of the world’s most highly regarded golf courses. A Range Pass is also available for those who wish to only use the practice facilities for as long as they like, whenever they like. This makes the Els Club an ideal retreat for those who wish to just practice the game.
An additional area on top of the driving range is the Short Game Area. This facility is ideal for those who wish to sharpen their specific strikes. Offering two separate greens, different angles to hit from and three bunkers to practice from, the Short Game Area is perfect for those who wish to practice the specific strikes needed to improve their short-game performance.

“Instructors are great, the practice range along with necessary equipment to train is great too and the quality of maintenance etc is of a high standard”

The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers – New York

The Golf Club at Chelsea PiersAddress: 59 Chelsea Piers, New York, NY 10011
Hours: 6:30 AM – 12 AM
Phone: (212) 336-6400
Google Rating: 4.3 (78 Reviews)

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Offering a 52-tee, four-tier driving range, the Golf Club at Chelsea Piers is an excellent solution to your American golfing needs. Located right along the Hudson River, this driving range is for those who wish to take in the sights in between swings, a luxury that you often don’t find in the world of golf.
This range offers professional golfing help whenever and wherever you may require it. Its full-service teaching academy makes it ideal for newcomers or more hardcore players who may wish to get a little advice on some tips and tricks.
Offering a membership program, this range is a definite go-to for those who live locally. Simulator sessions, private lessons, and even unlimited putting can be made available for free with this scheme.
Using an automatic tee system found in the best ranges across the world, this driving range will let you get into a smooth and natural rhythm while striking, which would otherwise be sorely lacking if you had to stop to prepare each new ball after every swing. This would cost you precious time on the range.
The academy at the range aims to get children into golfing from a young age by teaching them the basics of the sport through private and semi-private sessions led by novice-to-accomplished and acclaimed golfers. This range is absolutely ideal for those with a family of budding little golfers who wish to try the sport out and hopefully learn some very useful tips and tricks along the way that can be used for the rest of their lives.

“What a great place. I have no idea how to golf but it is always fun to bring friends and family here. Super simple to get started and very clean and bright facility”

These are just some of the best driving ranges around the world. How many can you try out on your next golfing vacation?

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