2018 Big 12 Betting Preview

One of the big contrasts between the SEC and the Big 12 is that while the SEC is all about defense and defensive play, the Big 12 is all about offense. The sheer amount of offense put up by teams in the Big 12 Conference just boggles the mind. Many gamers like the Big 12 because they are able to see a great offensive show. Here are our predictions for the Big 12 schools during football season, including expected wins and over/under predictions.


The most likely bet for Oklahoma this year is going to be under 10 wins. Not necessarily because of the quarterback replacement at OU, because Kyler Murray is a capable quarterback. Instead, the threat is that the competition in the Big 12 has gotten much stronger this year.


Texas is going to win about 8.5 games this year, because…it’s Texas, and we’ve been down this road before. The fact that they lost their first game to Maryland isn’t doing them any favors, either. The collapse of the quarterback during the game contributed to the problems on offense for the Longhorns.


TCU should win over 7.5 games this year, even with the exit of their quarterback. They should win on the strength of their coaching and on their defense. If you are a betting person, pick this team to win the conference. Just because everyone is expecting Oklahoma to win doesn’t mean they will.

West Virginia

West Virginia has had several so-so years in a row but this year expectations are high that the beloved Mountaineers are going to go big. They should win at least 7 games, but they may win more due to their stellar quarterback and his favorite receiver. The problem is that they have to get past resurging Iowa State and Texas Tech, and that will not be easy.

Oklahoma State

Eight wins are most likely, even with a revamped defense. They have a brutal last five weeks of the season. In addition, their defense is essentially starting over, and may or may not show growth in time to make a push for the championship. In addition, there is a question mark at quarterback.

Kansas State

It is tough to bet against Bill Snyder—on anything. They should win at least 6.5 games, but who knows? If you count him out of any game, he comes back to bite you where it hurts. While the offense is looking pretty good, the defense is shaky and is going to need some serious help from Snyder’s new defensive coordinator to get into shape in time for the Big 12 schedule.


Baylor is iffy, at best. They may win over 5.5 games, especially since they have a soft early schedule and some new talent. In addition, the returning quarterback and much of the offense, which took forever to get used to playing together last year, is back this year and better prepared.

Texas Tech

This team is not ready to win 6 games because of their maddening defense, if for no other reason. Sure, they have offense, but they have no defense to speak of. At all. Plus, the offense for Texas Tech, which won games for them last year, is a little shaky this year.

Iowa State

The Cyclones should win over 6.5 games this year, due to the strength of their coach Matt Campbell.  Their improvements on both offense and defense should earn them much-deserved victories.


You can bet on this team to win over three games, but that’s pushing it. This team is like putting lipstick on a pig—they are just that bad. Judging by their loss against Nichols State, winning three games is going to be pushing it.

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