Stanley Cup Final

The Stanley Cup final offers champions in the Eastern and Western Conference an opportunity to square off for the ultimate glory. Bettors are not left behind either. The final is the last opportunity for punters to make the most of their NHL predictions. And, the lines are lucrative as well.

That means you don’t have to wait until October for the start of the regular season to enjoy incredible betting opportunities.

This article gives you some incredible tips on how to bet on the Stanley Cup.

Don’t rely on the regular season statistics

stanley cup 2018You are probably wondering how this is a tip. I mean, that’s where you get the team’s form and the head to heads to enlighten you on who you should place your bet on. But, let’s be honest, how many times have the predictions from season statistics failed in the Cup final? That’s why it’s necessary to overlook these stats.

The truth is many factors come into play when it comes to the regular season. Factors, such as injury lists and tough fixture schedules hugely influence the outcome. When it comes to the final, it’s all about who performs best when the lights are the brightest.

Have a coach’s perspective on the game

It’s vital to think like a team’s manager in the final. There is a difference in perspective between the regular season’s objective and the playoffs. In a playoff, everything is at stake and the coach is more likely to throw all the cards on the table as opposed to in a regular season. His decisions will be based mostly on what’s happening on the ice rather than how it may affect the next game.

It’s only in a playoff where the coach will think beyond the usual and change lineups and defense in an attempt to exploit the opponent’s weaknesses. He may even bring in a new goalie, one who the other team has no idea about, so the players can’t exploit his weaknesses.

Make use of different betting markets

bettingMoney lines and game totals don’t bring in desirable profits at the end of the day. The secret is in finding alternative betting markets and finding a bookmaker that is willing to offer alternative handicaps and lines that will help you identify more significant betting aspects to exploit.

Betting options, such as three-way full game betting and alternative handicaps, do give the bettor a niche or option that is comfortable.

Value in-time betting

live bettingWhat many punters don’t know is they can actually bet while the game is ongoing and reap significant gains from the trade. The betting itself is known as in-live betting or real-time betting. If done right, this type of betting can be very profitable.

You must consider a team that is losing. Betting on such a team has a higher payout in case the team pulls a comeback and takes the lead. The losing team is always the underdog regardless of the odds put against it before the beginning of the game.

Live betting offers many possibilities for bettors. You should consider the incredible opportunities. One thing you have to watch out for, however, is the changing lines. They may not be the most accurate because they are constantly changing.

Avoid increasing bet sizes

Increasing bet sizes can be very tempting, especially because it’s the final. However, the fact it’s a final means the odds have been well-scrutinized. That means you may not obtain the best value with the given options.

As a result, saving a big amount to wager on the final may not be the best idea because of the limited value.

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