Technology is always evolving, and different aspects of technology are learning from each other every day. There are times that gaming technology evolves behind a move in tech, and tech, at times, evolves from gambling and gaming technology. Here are six tricks tech learned by looking at the evolution of gaming technology.

Make Your Games Free To Play

freeResearch indicated that more than 80 percent of the games being played online are free. The companies that are promoting the games are able to get revenue through advertising rather than through making people pay to play. Some gaming companies have already jumped on this bandwagon, offering free gambling games for prizes rather than money. Other gambling companies online use free money or bonuses after a certain amount of playtime. The hope is to make the idea of playing for nothing or next to nothing appealing to players, and then have them continue to play even if they have to pay in for gambling purposes. While the technology industry originally began charging money for apps, it learned it makes more profit through advertising than through app payments.

Realize Your Audience

There have been times when technology has been at odds with gaming. Technology increasingly markets itself to younger and younger consumers because the industry believes this is where the market share is. However, market research indicates the average gamer is now 33 and male. This demographic is looking for sophisticated technology as it looks for sophisticated gaming.

You Must Monetize Your Tech

monetizationOne area where gamers have been extremely successful is in the area of monetization. Many games, including gambling games, have various incentives or add-ons to acquire more money. Customers frequently do not even realize the amount of money they have spent to get the equipment they need to gamble or play a game.

Tech Has to Be Available Online

In the past, to buy tech, people would visit a box store and often have to order the product. Gaming technology has made this way of buying things obsolete because gaming sites are easily downloadable through an app.

Do Not Limit Yourself

For a long time, tech companies limited themselves to either the Apple platform or the Microsoft/Google/Android platform and looked despairingly at the other platforms. However, gaming technology evolved differently. Gamers want to be able to play from any device, anywhere, and at any time, and do not want their games to be limited to a particular platform. So, companies have made their games available on multiple platforms and multiple devices. In order to be successful, technology must break out of its mold and do the same thing.

Think in Multiple Languages and Multiple Cultures

technology culturePerhaps more than any other industry, the gaming culture has been receptive to different languages and different cultures. The companies have created games that are respectful of many different cultures throughout the world. Technology has not had the same successful track record with regard to respecting languages and cultures. In order to grow and become even more successful, technology must incorporate different cultures. This is especially true given that the fastest growing segments that purchase technology are not in North American or European countries. This means that businesses must cater to the desires of a population coming of age in developing countries rather than developed countries, especially those countries in Asia and Africa.

While technology has made lightning-fast advancements in the business world, it is increasingly apparent it has a lot to learn from the even faster pace of gaming and gamers. It is far easier to develop an app than it is to develop a tech system.

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