According to published coronavirus accounts, over 700 Nevada casino visitors have tested positive for the coronavirus since casinos reopened in June.

Testing Positive

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, more than 5.7 million people have visited Southern Nevada since June, with Las Vegas as the top destination. Of that number, more than 700 tested positive for COVID-19 after their visit.

Most of the coronavirus cases were tested while in Nevada, and a small minority of individuals tested positive upon returning home. Of the 700 cases, 471 were from the bordering states of California and Arizona.

According to figures from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, 21 people tested positive after returning from their trips to Nevada.

The figures did not indicate where exactly these people visited, but Las Vegas casinos were suspected. Even after a four-month closure and new safety measures in place upon reopening, the virus continues to spread.

Some casinos have been fined for COVID-19 safety violations by Nevada OSHA, but people still flock to Vegas.

Stay at Home 2.0

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak urged Nevadans to state home at a televised news conference in Carson City. Alarmed by the rising COVID-19 rates, the governor recommended a two-week stay-at-home period in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. He calls the period “Stay at Home 2.0,” and offers this solution considering the recent spike in corona cases.

“I don’t want to take stronger action,” the governor said. “I want to stay on the path to get all Nevada children back in classrooms, opening conventions by 50 percent by January 1, and lifting more restrictions.”

After the ‘Stay at Home 2.0’ period is over, Sisolak will evaluate the results of the sheltering period to decide if stronger measures will be required. Meanwhile, locals have asked why the governor is not placing limits on casinos and other retail businesses or restaurants.

“That is the tightrope of trying to balance controlling the COVID spread, protecting our hospitals from surges, and at the same time not destroying and shutting down our economy,” Gov. Sisolak responded.

Health officials cite “profound apathy of the general public” and general disregard for mask wearing and social distancing as the underlying cause of the increased COVID cases.

Nevada has reported 112,621 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 1,863 deaths.


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