ACC Betting Preview

A lot of people are not at all worried about the ACC, because everyone figures that Clemson will be the champion, most likely lose to Alabama just like everyone else. However, the ACC is actually offering some interesting matchups for bettors this season. If you are willing to have a little fun, there are some interesting bets to be made with the rest of the teams in the ACC, especially with regard to the over/under bets.


This pick is a no-brainer. Most predictions are for at least 11 wins by the Tigers, and there’s nothing the team has shown so far that would demonstrate they will even lose two games. Consider the team. The defensive line is one of the best—if not the best—line in the country. In addition, the offense may not have a world class quarterback like the days of Deshaun Watson, but they do have a speed back, a standout wide receiver and a couple of other wide receivers waiting in the wings.

In fact, many people (+450) are looking for the Tigers to win the National Championship, even with the fierce competition from the SEC.


Miami should win over 9.5 games, that terrible loss to LSU aside. While many people are saying that the loss to the Tigers is a harbinger of bad things to come, in reality, the soft schedule should allow Miami to make it into double digits. Two big question marks remain: is the offensive line strong enough to win the battle in the trenches, and can the promising quarterback mature fast enough to win the big games?

Florida State

In the past, Florida State could be counted on to win double digit games. But not this year. They’ll be lucky to get eight wins, not only because they have a tough schedule, but also because they have a new coach.

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech is going to have a disappointing under 8.5 wins, perhaps because the typically strong defense is weak this year and while their offense is growing, it has a long way to go. Look for them to be better next year.

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech isn’t going to make it to 6 wins this season. While they ease into their schedule in September, the rest of their schedule doesn’t leave them any wiggle room. The Techsters have road games at Louisville and Virginia Tech, and they have to play Miami and Georgia. If they score early, they may have a shot –otherwise, the triple-option is in the comeback mode, which is never a good thing.

North Carolina State

The Wolfpack lost too many starters to win a lot of games, so under 7.5 projection here. Four of their starters were from the defensive line alone.

Boston College

Many predictors are expecting Boston College to be the dark horse of the ACC. They have strong assets in their corps of running backs, a great quarterback, and a lot of returning starters but their defense is suspect. They should win over 6.5 games.


While they are projected to be over 7 wins, that may not happen, especially with Lamar Jackson’s departure. However, they do have two veteran receivers returning, so that may help.


Duke has the potential to go over 6 wins, but they are facing a really difficult schedule. The key will be whether the quarterback has time to throw under a depleted offensive line.

Wake Forest

While Wake Forest had a good season last year, betting the under 6.5 wins seems like a stretch, especially with a freshman quarterback.


Pit is going to be under 5 wins this year, even with an improving defense.

North Carolina

The Tarheels have a good offense; the problem is their defense. Take the over 5.5 wins, but don’t expect much more than that.

Syracuse and Virginia

Syracuse’s projection is under 5.5 wins, and Virginia is under 5. While the freshman quarterback in Syracuse is promising, that’s about the only encouraging sign up in Syracuse. Virginia will be lucky to win 5 games at all.

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