The Encore Boston Harbor Casino in Everett seen from Somerville. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Encore Boston Harbor Everett appears to be harboring more violence and crime than happy casino guests since it first opened its doors in June. Within the first 24 hours of unveiling the casino to the public, there were already 4 people taken down by police and casino security.

Now, barely 3 months on, Boston’s once highly anticipated casino is continuing to see trouble. Everett Police and the State Police Gaming Enforcement unit made another 9 arrests across the weekend, some of whom are facing charges for drugs, possession of dangerous weapons and severe cases of assault and battery. Police officials say 4 of the arrests came from one of the hotel rooms where a big party was underway.

The casino has had its fair share of drama this year already. Before construction even took place, the operators have been fighting to protect their stature as a reputable gaming hub, which hasn’t been easy considering former CEO and founder Steve Wynn was rooted out for his twisted, paraphilic tendencies earlier in the year.

Fortunately the company’s new CEO Michael Weaver handled the latest incidents well. In a statements he said, “We take security and safety at Encore very seriously. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding any violation of law or inappropriate behavior and work side-by-side with law enforcement to ensure any individuals involved in such behavior are immediately removed from the resort and handled appropriately by Everett or State Police.”

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