Casino and gambling industry remains not only a controversial but also a highly regulated industry across the world. It is also a highly lucrative industry that continues to grow, especially with the growth of technology.  The US economy enjoys a $138 billion annual revenue from the industry alone and it employs over 700,000 Americans. In addition, by the end of 2019, the global annual gross returns are expected to hit the half a trillion dollar mark.

However, just like any other industry aiming at maximizing its profits by using the internet and the power of modern computing to the maximum advantage, the casino and gambling industry is already very familiar with the power of database marketing. They invest heavily in collecting marketing data since they know how it works. However, they do it while lacking any obvious principle of organization.

Artificial Intelligence is tailored to bring order to the confusion of current data collection as well as analytical methods. AI relies on highly complex statistical models and algorithms to not only follow instructions but also to go beyond instructions, learn reflexively and also dedicate it to do better work next time.

The Challenge of the Newer AI Systems for the Casino and Gambling Industry

Gambling consumers are different, unlike consumers in other sectors like restaurants and movie theatres. This is because it’s hard to predict how much they contribute to the company’s bottom line. For instance, any media service provider may not be sure of the exact number of subscribers are planning to stay or leave, but it is sure of the amount likely to be paid over the course of a year by those who stay. This is good in terms of giving the company a sense of security and confidence when planning for its future.

On the other hand, the casino and gaming industry operates differently. Most players lose money, some a few dollars, while others hundreds of dollars in a matter of minutes. Some players also win small while others might enjoy a massive win, which can be unsettling for gaming operators, especially since they are wildly unpredictable.

So many other variables of weather to the time of the year and particularly regulatory changes highly affect casino and the gambling industry in many ways compared to other service and product providers.

How Artificial Intelligence can make a Real Difference in Casinos

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to unite individual demographic data, gambling histories, virtual personal online identities, social media content, as well as a hoard of other contents that produce “smatter” insights that are currently driving marketing outreach. This way, Artificial Intelligence can help the industry leaders to identify their most valuable and profitable customers otherwise called the MVPs.

In casinos, growing the customer base largely depends on a certain number of gamblers winning as well as sharing that information with others. However, appealing to both major losers and winners and everyone else, mostly demands completely different models of database marketing.  Casino operators need to know who their MVPs are, that is, those who have the potential of generating the biggest returns over time. This is where the power of AI promises an unmatched level of insights.

AI also has the capacity to absorb factors such as how many times a gambler visits a casino, the total amount staked per visit and how the player divides table betting and the slots. This way, the casino can be able to pinpoint the most valuable customers to the business.

Applying Artificial Intelligence in the casino and the gambling industry promises  much more effective and efficient database marketing efforts that in the end, might bring greater profit margins and at the same time increase in the predictability and stability of annual revenues.


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