Soccer superstar Liam Ryan was told to take his skills elsewhere this past weekend, as the Crown Perth casino banned him for two years from playing at the tables there. And if he wants to attend any special events or concerts in the resort area of the complex, he’ll have to request permission in advance.

The event is somewhat shrouded in mystery, as neither the casino nor Ryan himself will share with the press why the ban occurred. This is a particularly poignant ban, since the casino is one of the sponsors of the team Ryan plays for.

“He is on a banned list at Crown, but it has nothing to do with gambling,” a club spokesman told The West Australian.

The spokesperson also confirm that Ryan will have to ask permission to attend any events at the resort, but that “immediately upon the completion of the events, Liam must leave.”

What Really Happened

While the Crown Perth will not share the details of the banning, a Crown Perth spokeswoman did say that the casino has a zero-tolerance policy for illegal activity of any kind. “Crown Perth does not tolerate any illegal or inappropriate activity on site, and deals with all instances in full compliance with both our legal and regulatory requirements in Western Australia,” she explained when asked by the press about the banning.

This isn’t the first time Ryan has been in trouble. Back in 2018, he lost his driving license after getting caught driving drunk. He also had an altercation with a family member in which the police got involved.

Other Banned Celebrities

Some US celebrities have also had issues with casinos, and many have been banned on a temporary or permanent basis.

Ben Affleck was permanently banned from Hard Rock Las Vegas casino – though he’s welcomed at the hotel – for allegedly cheating at the blackjack table. Affleck has bragged before about his card counting skills, and casinos aren’t too excited about it. Card counting falls into a gray area – it’s not technically illegal, but that doesn’t mean casinos will let you do it. Affleck was also banned from the Caesar’s Windsor casino in Ontario for the same reason just a few months later.

Paris Hilton was banned from the Paris Hotel & Casino Las Vegas for an unusual reason: her father requested the ban. In a not-so-smart move on one infamous night, Paris Hilton bet her $175,000 Bentley – and lost. Her father – who we can assume paid for the car – wasn’t too thrilled about it and called the casino directly and requested she never be allowed to gamble there again. And when millionaires make requests, even casinos listen.

British-born illusionist Derren Brown is another international star who has a hard time finding a casino that will let him play. Though perhaps it’s understandable that casinos are weary of letting a card expert try the tables – especially since Brown has shown remarkable card-counting skills on TV shows before.

So when the Broadway Plaza Casino in Birmingham told Brown “no, sorry” (and had a guard escort him right out of the casino), nobody was too surprised. Right after the event, Brown sent out a tweet with the caption: ‘After being politely escorted from @BroadwayCasino. Lovely people, great food, very generous bunch.’

The Broadway Plaza Casino is not the first casino to ban Brown – in fact, he’s been banned from almost every casino in the UK for the same reason at one time or another.

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