Canada Mixes Diversity and Gambling In New Project

The All-In Diversity Project recently announced its latest collaboration with The Responsible Gambling Council of Canada. The council is one of the leading authorities on problem gambling prevention in the world and is the first Canadian All-In partner. Diversity and inclusion are discussion topics that affect everyday life. This includes business strategy. A number of studies have been conducted that indicate that a diverse workforce can be one of the main factors in bettering the bottom line and product delivery for companies. The next step for the industry is to collaborate, work on making progress together, and share best practices to make the industry more inclusive. RGC and AIDP’s partnership is a huge step in the right direction. The collaboration will use research, data, and responsibility to make sure that the future of business is more inclusive and diverse.

What Executives Are Saying

Christina Thakor-Ranking, Christina Thakor-Ranking, cofounder of the All-In Diversity Project, states, “Whilst the industry has done some great work in the area of responsible gaming and harm minimization, most have been based upon the behaviors of specific social and cultural groupings. Our partnership with the RGC allows us to start to explore how diversity and inclusion and a lack of social, economic, cultural or religious awareness and unconscious bias can lead to ‘blind spots’ in our approaches to social responsibility and harm minimization including the use of data science, machine learning, and A.I. Until then we can never truly protect all of our customers, only some.”

Shelley White, CEO of the Responsible Gaming Council, also weighed in on the collaboration. White asserted, “RGC is pleased to become a partner in the All-in-Diversity Project. We believe it is vital to attracting Board members and staff that reflect the communities we serve. Understanding the needs and interests of people from different backgrounds enables RGC to offer regulators, operators, and players, across the globe, relevant and meaningful responsible gambling strategies and programs. We look forward to learning from and sharing with the All-in-Diversity Project partners and to continue to build an industry which treats all employees and players with respect and dignity.”

As an integral part of the partnership, the All-in Diversity project, along with RGC, will be making efforts to set a standard for how companies can make the Diversity and Inclusion and Responsible Gambling and team initiative to promote the industry’s future progress.

About the AIDP

All-in Diversity ProjectThe All-in Diversity Project is the global resource for the industry when it comes to data that deals with inclusion and diversity. The company collects data by issuing surveys to employees and the All-Index. The All-Index is a standard index that serves as a benchmarking tool for the gambling industry. The index also serves as a way to measure the progress of diversity and inclusion in professional settings. AIDP has a vision to change the paradigm for inclusion by using measurability, transparency, and tactics that can be verified by action. Those who are interested in the AIDP’s mission and goals can visit

About The Responsible Gambling Council

The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) is a nonprofit organization that works independently and is committed to preventing problem gambling around the world.

The organization works to cut down the risks associated with gambling by creating and implementing information and awareness programs. The RGC also promotes the inclusion of updated play safeguards through research concerning best practices, standards development, and the RG Check accreditation program.

The nonprofit is devoted to bringing all perspectives together in the reduction of gambling issues, including the issues associated with individuals have personally struggled with gambling problems, regulators, gaming providers, treatment professionals and policymakers. For more information, visit

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