Employees of SkyCity Casino in Auckland have been steadily walking out of their jobs due to bad working conditions. The continuing walkout has been called the biggest strike in New Zealand by local media.

There have been reports that 900 casino employees have refused to work night shifts and evenings, which are considered prime hours for casinos. The disgruntled workers cite unsatisfactory work conditions, including low wages.

The Unite Union has been working on behalf of the SkyCity employees to hash out a better deal for the striking workers, to no avail. The workers’ main demand? To be paid extra for night and weekend work. However, SkyCity won’t budge, and insists that everyone be paid the same, regardless of their shift time.

Most companies around the world are accustomed to paying employees more for night shifts and weekend work. The extra strain placed on the worker for long evening hours or weekends away from their families justifies higher compensation.  Sometimes national laws even demand it.

However, some companies will continue to screw the worker, even after showing profits of $92 million dollars in a single year, as SkyCity did last year. As a result, SkyCity is leaking labor. Maybe they’re planning to replace their departing employees with robo-dealers and cleanbots. Time will tell.

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