While many casinos remain closed due to the pandemic, the newly built Circa Resort in Downtown Las Vegas is due to reopen regardless of the coronavirus.

Making a Splash

The Circa Resort is the latest in a series of renovation projects centered around the Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Vegas. The open air ‘casino mall’ runs down Fremont Street under a dazzling canopy of multi-media and sound on the largest LED light screens in the world.

Old-timer landmark casinos like the Golden Nugget, 4 Queens, and Binion’s make up the core of historic Fremont Street, and new casinos like The D and Circa Resorts are part of a plan to draw visitors away from the popular Las Vegas Strip. With an emphasis on young adults and a few adults only resorts, Fremont Street emphasizes the attractions as much as the casinos.

Circa Resort has built the longest escalator in Las Vegas, which takes visitors up to a breathtaking view of Vegas and the greatest swimming pool complex in the world, according to developers. Stadium Swim is making a splash with six rooftop pools with a capacity of 4,000 people per day.

A mass of big screens surrounding the pools will project sports and music events above, while swim-up bars, cabanas, lounges, and eateries bustle below.

Circa co-owner Derek Stevens described his aquatic vision for Vegas: “A lot of pools in the history of Las Vegas were really designed as an amenity to the hotel,” Stevens said. “This hotel is almost an amenity to Stadium Swim.”

Sports Auditorium

Circa also boasts a 1,000-seat sports betting auditorium in addition to the pool complex as part of a sun-and-sports casino resort experience. The casino serves only people over 21, ID will be checked at the door, and facial coverings will be required. Though it is unclear how people will be able to swim wearing masks – unless they’re scuba masks.

Even routine parking lots take on an epic feel in Downtown Vegas, with the 8-story, 1,000-space Garage Mahal beckons motorists across the street from Circa.

Downtown Las Vegas was the original location of a core of large-scale casinos which remain today. Giant neon signs like the glittery cowboy Vegas Vic waved visitors into Fremont Street, where legendary casinos like Binion’s (creator of the World Series of Poker) and the Golden Nugget held sway.

In the 1950s, the Las Vegas Strip, located in the Vegas suburb of Paradise, NV, stole the spotlight. Now the Fremont Street Experience offers fun for the younger generation with a vibrant street life and outdoor attractions.


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