The vacuum left in the wake of all the sporting event shutdowns is spreading a new kind of March Madness: weird, wild, and wacky sports bets. The list of crazy bets ranges from dog pageants to computerized horse races, proving that gamblers will bet on just about anything.

Empty Stadiums

Normally, March Madness would be reaching a fever pitch right about now, as the top college basketball teams would be preparing for the final showdown for the title. Wagers fly, college reputations live or die, and NBA talent scouts stand ready to scoop up the next Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant.

But coronavirus had other plans, and when an NBA player for the Utah Jazz contracted the virus, the entire sports world shut down. The NCAA college basketball circuit also shut down in the dreaded Ides of March, and the Madness had to find purchase elsewhere. And sports networks, online casinos, and sports app companies all threw their hats into the betting ring.

Crazy New Bets

With the anticipation of March Madness and all of the resulting sportsbooks being snuffed out, the bettors took their money elsewhere. And the crazy things they’re betting on now is limited only by the imagination.

There’s always some sort of dog and pony show going on somewhere, and that’s literally where the money is going. And with serious gamblers, there’s no difference between betting on the next basketball hero or a prized puppy. The payout is the end result.

Who doesn’t like puppies? ESPN certainly does, as their “six hours of prime time dogs” line up suggests. We’re talking Dog Tales, ESPN Championship Pup, and the Agility Premier Cup, to name a few. Bet on the best dog in show, whether it’s pug-ugly or Lassie-loyal.

If the local horse race track is shut down, you can always place your bets on a cyber-steed at a new horse racing app. Virtual horses are rated, run, and raced through the virtual finish line; place your bets! Bonus: no actual animals were harmed in the running of the virtual horse race.

For the ultimate betting action in the ultimate dog and pony show, enter the gladiatorial ring of politics. You can place bets on whether or not Bernie says ‘coronavirus’ or Biden says ‘Trump’ – and how many times. The Democratic debate will certainly continue long after March Madness subsides, with equally uncertain results.

So if you need to scratch your betting itch, there’s plenty of online casinos, virtual sports apps, and political arenas where you can place your wager.


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