The EPA has identified a chemical present in artificial fog machines that kills COVID-19. If approved as an emergency measure to fight coronavirus, casinos may soon be hazier than usual.

The Fog

Entire horror films have been based on it, magicians mask their methods with it, and bands use it on stage for the hell of it.

Now, the humble fog machine has a new potential use: fighting COVID-19. The EPA has identified a chemical called triethylene glycerol in the artificial fog which kills COVID-19 particles.

The EPA approved requests from Georgia and Tennessee to use fog machines as an aid in the war on coronavirus. Used with the usual cleaning regimen and safety protocols, fog machines might be a magic bullet.

New York has been using fog machines in certain Broadway shows to good effect. The humidity in the artificial fog cloud attaches itself to any coronavirus particles in the air and drags them to the ground. Then the triethylene glycerol terminates the bug with extreme prejudice.

However, the amount of exposure to the fog for any length of time remains uncertain. The New Jersey based Grignard Company has received permission to use their foggy solution to suppress COVID-19.

Since artificial fog machines have been used safely in crowded spaces for years, people don’t need to worry about new chemicals floating around in the foggy air.

Use in Casinos

Casinos have suffered greatly during pandemic lockdown, and fog machines might be the breath of fresh air they need to reopen at full capacity.

While the vaccine is slowly being delivered to the masses, fog machines offer a temporary boost in safety needed to inspire public confidence.

However, experts from the CDC say that any misty solution needs to be monitored and correctly applied. This translates into the need for expert application. It can’t be applied by just anyone.

Air treatment in casinos can be done in two phases: using aerial disinfection of vacant rooms, and as a safer application using fog machines in crowded spaces.

Many casinos still have smoking gaming floors, so hazy air is nothing new to gamblers.

Maybe the next time you attend a casino magic show, the curtains will part, and a fog will slowly roll from the stage through the theater. If we’re lucky, David Copperfield will waltz out on the stage, gaze at the crowd with his trademark glare, and with a wave of his magic wand, poof! The coronavirus is dead.

And the crowd goes wild.


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