Dozens detained at an illegal gambling parlor in Pomona

According to reports from the Pomona Police Department, an illegal gambling joint has been shut down by the police.

Pomona, a neighborhood of Los Angeles County, California, is one of the areas affected by gang-related crimes. The Major Crimes Task Force police unit investigators believe that these criminal hideouts are in illegal casinos hence the crackdown.

This raid adds to the growing number of illegal casinos that are being reined-in by the police in the area. The shutdown is a big boost to authorities’ endeavor to tame the crimes that gangs perpetrate in dingy joints.

The Police Had a Warrant to Search the Premises

Prior to the raid, a Pomona Court had given the police a warrant to search the premise. This was in response to investigation reports that suggested that illegal activities were rife at the property. The location of interest on the warrant authority was 3169 North, Garey Avenue, Pomona, CA.

On the day of operation, a joint force went on to execute the warrant. The police force comprised the California Highway Patrol – Baldwin Park Office units, and Major Crimes Task Force -Pomona Police Department.

Illegal Gambling Activities Unearthed

gambling in casinoUpon gaining access to the property, police found out that the joint was a casino business without a license. Admissible evidence about the casino activities includes an active casino equipped with gaming devices. Gambling activities were even going on at the time of the raid. However, it is not yet clear what kind of games the suspects were playing.

This violates California’s and the City authority’s rules where every business commences operation only after receiving a license.

Police Recover Money at the Site

Another evidence of illegal gambling activity that the police units encountered was money.  A total of $5,000 was found at the casino table. It is believed that the suspects were using the cash to wager. In addition, the casino could have used the money to pay the gamblers for winning real money games on the casino machines.

Gamblers Are Being Held by the Police

Additionally, there were casino gamblers at the crime scene. Police say that the number was 30 and that all these people have been taken into custody. Further investigation about the suspects is ongoing and their fate will be known in the near future.

Investigators Suspect That the Joint Is Also a Hangout for Gang Members

Police believe that the City of Pomona has gangs that have been terrorizing residents and engaging in illegal activities.

In this particular incident, the investigators are suspecting that the gamblers could also be gang members. This assumption comes from preliminary investigations that indicate a possibility that gang members could have been frequenting the location. Nonetheless, it seems that illegal gambling is also their favorite pass-time activity.

Weeks Earlier, another Casino Had Been Shut Down and Players Detained

Gambling in casinoIn March, an illegal casino at 1620 West, Mission Boulevard was also raided by the police following a search warrant. Fifteen suspected gang members at the location were apprehended with a stolen gun. Further, $3,000 betting money, casino slot machines and table gaming devices were found at the scene.

The gamblers were taken to jail for a variety of charges, including illegal gambling and possession of the stolen property.

Additionally, authorities shut down another Santa Ana Casino disguised as a cybercafé on April 9. The police took in 21 people at the scene for questioning.

Meanwhile, the Pomona Police Department is putting more effort to clamp down on illegal gambling. They intend to root out crime and sanitize the gambling industry in the area.

Members of the public with information can call the police at 909-620-2085 or 800-222-8477 for those wishing to remain anonymous.

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