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Over the next few years, the Dutch Gaming Authority plans to enforce more regulations for the protection of minors from gambling. If the Bill on Remote Gaming passes the Dutch Senate, the bill could go into effect next year.

Operators Targeting Youth

children-betting-skinsWhile there are currently regulations in place, most gaming operators are doing everything they can to makes sure minors do not develop a gambling addiction. According to the Betting and Gaming Act, it’s strictly prohibited to offer any form of gambling to minors in The Netherlands. Although some unlicensed operators turn away minors, some target minors intentionally.

This has led regulators to take steps to prevent minors from falling into potential gambling addictions because they are more easily prone to developing the habit.

Minors Are Easily Addicted

One of the main aspects of the Gaming Authority intervening to protect minors is the fact they can become addicted very easily. This is one reason why operators continue to capture the attention of the youth. Their minds are not as fully developed, thus making them more likely to become addicted. It’s also much tougher for young people to have control and limits when it comes to gambling, and they bend easily to peer pressure.

While operators are supposed to uphold a certain duty and responsibility for those who gamble, they don’t exercise this as much as they should. Gaming operators are supposed to watch gamblers closely to make sure there are no indications of certain behaviors that may potentially harm them. However, not every operator does what is needed or cares to uphold this responsibility.

Getting Rid of Unlicensed Operators

With the intention to protect minors, the Gaming Authority is making sure to tighten regulations. It is turning more of its focus to the online casino industry. It is watching providers to make sure they are not targeting Dutch consumers as much.

While the authority is determined, the older legislation makes it a bit harder for it to enforce certain regulations. However, a bill has currently made its way to the Dutch Senate that will help to better the efforts.

The law, known as the Bill on Remote Gaming, will provide protection by making online gambling legal but only under certain conditions. This, in turn, will provide the Gaming Authority with the ability to impose more protection for Dutch consumers, especially minors.

The bill, which passed the House in 2016, is waiting for the green light from the Senate. However, this could take a little longer. If the Senate continues to deliberate the bill this year, it won’t be in effect until next year.

The Gaming Authority hopes the bill will pass sooner than later because it will really help to positively affect any protection against the gaming industry. For unknown reasons, lawmakers have not been working fast enough to make sure the bill passes.

Without the bill and certain regulations in place, it will be much harder to enforce new rules that would deter unlicensed operators from preying on minors and consumers as a whole. The bill would also give the authority the power to punish operators that are unlicensed within their territory or who have violated any laws, rules, or regulations.

According to Casinonewsdaily, another part of the new regulations is how operators navigate on the Internet. Affiliate sites that consist of the extension .nl are no longer allowed to operate because they were initially using these sites to send Dutch players to .com sites. In addition, operators and websites used for promotions are not allowed to use symbols the Dutch use, such as tulips and windmills, when promoting gaming services to players.

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