FILE - In this May 22, 2019 file photo, Encore Boston Harbor casino looms above the surrounding neighborhood in Everett, Mass. The casino is scheduled to open on Sunday, June 23. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer, File)

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission release its monthly report and revealed revenues of $52.4 million for Encore Boston Harbor in August. $32.2 million came from table games, while slots contributed $20 million in revenue. Traditionally, casinos make the lion’s share of their revenue in slots, but times are changing.

According to Encore President Bob DeSalvio, the casino saw amazing revenue in its first 2 months since opening in June, but slots revenue was soft. As a countermeasure to the sagging slots profits, DeSalvio is considering a change in the makeup of slots versus tables in the casino.

“We’re actually adding a few more tables on the casino floor as we speak, but I will tell you the slots business has been soft,” he said.

The total gaming revenue for Encore was $4 million higher than July, but slots revenue fell by $1 million. After the commonwealth collects $13 million of Encore’s revenue in taxes, the slots are struggling to carry their weight.

Slots normally make up around 70% of a casino’s gaming space, and have long been considered a casino cash cow. But the changing tide in gambling habits shows a shift in trends. Gone are the days of retired people sitting at slots all day. These are the days of poker aces and table gaming high rollers.

If current trends continue, we may see the day when casinos are mostly made up of table games featuring Texas Hold’em tournaments. Thankfully, you’ll always be able to play slots online, and we will always have enough room in cyberspace.

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