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Betway is celebrating a recent substantial expansion to its portfolio with news of a significant sponsorship deal with none other than eSports.

The deal will involve a total of no less than five sponsorship projects all taking place within 2018. This will see Betway, which is currently one of the leading online bookmakers, teaming up with ESL, another leading company in the field and leaders of IEM (Intel Extreme Masters) and ESL One.

Exciting Times Ahead for Betway

So far, the plans for 2018 are for Betway to begin its sponsorship with Katowice’s IEM at the beginning of the year. Then, both Season Seven and Season Eight of CS:GO Pro League will be its next move, which is scheduled for May and December.

This recent news only works to highlight the wave of success Betway is currently riding on as it comes hot on the heels of a great 2017 for the company.

Last year, Betway made a more concentrated move to establishing itself as one of the industry’s leading brands when it confirmed sponsorship with ESL One Cologne and the CS:GO Pro League, as well as working at the time with Ninjas in Pyjamas.

With such success from its venture already reported and well-received in 2017, the industry and fans of the company are eager to see how 2018 will fare.

A Prestigious Deal on The Table

There’s no denying Betway has bagged itself one of the more prestigious sponsorship deals out there. Some of the biggest and most popular events worldwide ever seen are on the eSports calendar.

Many in the industry believe that Betway has successfully shown eSports what it can achieve and this why the partnership looks set to continue for another year.

It would certainly seem that the two are working to build on 2017’s success and take the sponsorship to greater lengths in 2018.

Betway’s Previous Move into eSports

Betway is no stranger to collaborating with eSports. It initially began a collaboration with eSports as far back as 2015 when it launched a dedicated microsite. To this day, the site is continually expanding and remains an integral leader in this thriving industry. Betway can also proudly lay claim to being at the heart of the ESIC (eSports Integrity Coalition).

It could be said by many keeping watch on this productive partnership that such a microsite was the very beginning of a deep bond between the companies.

This recent sponsorship agreement will see Betway give viewers of the events live odds updates as each tournament commences. This is like eSports’ other agreements with current sponsors and a crucial part of the relationship between the companies.

It is believed by those prominent in the success of ELS that Betway’s inclusion will enhance their viewing experience for all players because Betway is considered one of the leading voices in the field. The company is also the one with the ability to make the most of the live-viewing experience with its broadcasts.

The Only Way Is Up

With events, such as CS:GO, and ESL One Cologne, among some of the most widely competitive and established names in the gaming industry, Betway is no doubt more than delighted to have the opportunity to partner with such gaming giants and get itself further developed in this progressive and thriving industry.

With such a powerful partnership between ESports and Betway, industry experts and fans are now taking bets as to the likelihood of the two renewing their sponsorship once again and continuing to build on their success well into next year and beyond!

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