Ex Pueblo DA Investigator Sentenced in Gambling Ring

A former investigator for the District Attorney’s office was sentenced to four years of probation for participation in a nationwide bookmaking enterprise. He had a thirty- year career in law enforcement. He stated he helped with the bookmaking enterprise because he had a gambling problem.

Gambling in Colorado

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Other Casinos

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The Crime

Chuck Widup worked in law enforcement for over thirty years. The first sign that something might be wrong was when he was arrested for DUI eight years ago. Interestingly, Widup decided to fight his charge, and people within the Attorney General’s office started talking. In the beginning, no one was really listening, and Widup switched positions. He moved from the State Attorney General’s office to the office in Pueblo. The investigation began when the office was informed that he was gambling and helping sportsbooks avoid police charges.

The investigation uncovered the fact that Widup was gambling and he was actively assisting a large nationwide bookmaking ring. The bookmaking ring had locations in major cities and mid-major cities throughout the country. According to the investigators, Widup was betting on sports, but was also recruiting other people to play sports. Widup was also accused of hiding gambling money for the bookmakers and issuing bribes to police departments.

Instead of fighting the charges, Widup pleaded guilty to assisting the sportsbook and attempting to influence a public servant. He must complete 150 hours of community service, if possible, in areas of gambling prevention. In addition, he will be on probation for four years. During the four years, Widup must stay away from all aspects of gambling. If he does not, probation could be revoked. The sixty-nine-year-old investigator gets to keep his pension. However, he may have to forfeit it if he does not adhere to the rules of his probation.

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