Extended Regret over the 2017 Pennsylvania Gambling Expansion

Caernarvon Township is situated right within Berks County and borders the neighboring Lancaster County. As of last month, all plans for the coming Hollywood Casino Morgantown were complete. This multi-million dollars ($110 to be specific) mini casino is expected to open towards the end of 2020. Even as the plans to open this 86,000 – square-foot casino, a lot is still going on.

Worry & Division

There is still much worry and division in this small municipality. Although it is situated off an exit of the widely known Pennsylvania Turnpike, it has a small-town and decidedly rural setup. Many of the residents of this quiet city regard the entire casino business as a deal with the devil. This is according to Andrew Maykuth of the Philadelphia Inquirer. In this politically conservative township, seeing Amish families moving with horse-drawn carriages is not news.

The Proponents and the Opponents of the Multi-Million Dollars Project

gambling in casinoFor the proponents of this great project, they seem to have had what they wanted from the 2017 Pennsylvania gambling expansion. This project gave room for multi-million casinos all across the state. In addition to that, it also allowed for sports betting, online gaming, and video game terminals.

However, for the opponents, things are not right. It is beginning to dawn on them how the entire gambling market is edging to the society’s fabric. The opponents include a number of residents from Lancaster County, as well as the LNP Editorial Board.

Legally Stalled Video Gaming Terminals

Installing video gaming terminals will be done through a lawful process and at the right truck stop points across the state. This will only happen if the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board finalizes its details. So far, five applications have sought out the machines within Lancaster city. Among that number, there are three Rutter’s stores. According to Junior Gonzalez of LNP, they have all received conditional approvals. Municipalities and Rutter’s have always found themselves in loggerheads when deliberating over the best installation of the machines in certain areas.

Sports Betting Legal in Certain Casinos

At some Pennsylvania casinos, sports betting had been legal since November last year. According to a news report, the state got half the estimate of the tax revenues from the initial months. When this online betting stable kicks on its operations, revenue will be definitely boosted. The launch of online sports betting will take place before this summer comes to an end.

The Mini Casino

Gambling in casinoThings appear to be moving in the right direction for the oncoming mini casino. It will start operations at the York Galleria Mall, which is just ten miles west of Columbia Borough. When this happens, Lancaster County might appear between gambling spots in two main counties – Berks and York. This will be one among the mini-casinos, which will have their operations within the county. According to Maykuth of the Inquirer, the other word for mini-casino is a misnomer. This is because nothing about them is miniature.

Other Proposed Casinos

Hollywood Casino Morgantown is also in progress. It would be nearly half the size of the amazing Hollywood Casino, located on Grantville’s Penn National Race Course. It would carry a total of 750 slot machines as well as 30 table games. This is the maximum number that is given by the law. Hollywood Casino Morgantown will also include other amenities right within it. There would be bars, restaurants, as well as a sports betting area.

Concern from the County

According to Josh Parsons, Lancaster County Commissioner, having a mini casino just above the county line is a significant concern. However, there is nothing much that can save the situation right now. There are no negative impacts on the rest of the municipalities on the north side, even though public safety. Caernarvon Township will be one of the towns in the northern area of Lancaster that has been affected by the introduction of mini-casinos.

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