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Las Vegas casino visitors have found hidden drink costs and mandatory service fees applied to their cocktails in certain resorts. Since the venues in question already charge up to $45 per day in ‘resort fees,’ some patrons are wondering why they visit Vegas at all.

Drip Pricing

In a world where casino moguls buy and blow up old casinos and replace them with multi-billion-dollar monstrosities, one would think that padding the bar bill would be a low blow. But now 2 popular Las Vegas casinos like Park MGM and Sahara Las Vegas are doing just that.

Some patrons showed bar receipts from Las Vegas casino bars with some strange math: a $14.00 cocktail suddenly became $16.80 after a ‘mandatory 15% gratuity’ as a service charge. Another casino patron’s bar tab was mysteriously increased from $38.00 to $43.00 after some mysterious charges were added.

Tips have always been considered a courtesy, but making them mandatory is a form of hidden taxation, and it’s upsetting patrons. The practice is called ‘drip pricing,’ where retailers advertise one price, then add on hidden fees when a customer purchases the final item. Nebraska and the District of Columbia have already filed lawsuits against these hidden fees, including the massive resort fees attached to casino visits.

Visitor Vitriol

When asked to comment, corporate shills from MGM tried to cough up a pity story about the casino employees, saying that after the deadly Las Vegas shooting of 2017, they needed to add the fees to help employees ‘feed their families.’ Then they fired half their employees.

Thousands of angry casino patrons took to Twitter to voice their anger, as one tweet by @ew_wanders succinctly stated:

“So the millions casinos make off of our gambling clearly isn’t enough. First they took away free parking on the strip, started charging resort fees, and now they plan to charge a vague “service fee” on every already-expensive drink check. #GreedyBastards”


We can safely file this one under WTF, Chuck. The only thing more maddening than being robbed is having the robber spew bs while robbing you. “I’m sorry this gun is in your face, but I’ll need your wallet; my kidz iz HONGRY.”

These same greedy billionaires are chump-charging patrons in Vegas while opening new casinos in Macau. And what about the complimentary free cocktails while gambling? Are they now charging for those, too? If so, we recommend that every casino patron stand up, flip their overpriced drinks upside down, drop the glass, and march right on out of there. #OnlineCasinosRule

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