Gamers Betting on Identity of Official Who Wrote Anti-Trump Op-Ed Piece

President Donald Trump is controversial. It appears he is always in the news for something he has said or has done.

However, recently, he was in the news for something someone else said about him. In this case, it is something someone wrote in the New York Times. An anonymous editorial piece trashing Donald Trump has everyone talking. Some gamers are betting on the identity of the person who is responsible for writing the piece. This is an interesting, if nontraditional, bet.

The Editorial Piece

New York Times Anti-Trump Op-Ed Piece

Many journalists consider the piece that appeared in the New York Times to be a scathing op-ed. The author says he or she is one of the individuals who works in the White House. He or she is part of a group of people trying to govern the country effectively. The group wants to protect the country from Donald Trump. The official stated many White House staff members try to thwart Donald Trump so he can’t further ruin the country.

In addition, the staffer says the president is immoral in his dealings and has no guiding principles. Often, the president acts like a child. He rants about things in the White House when there is nothing to rant about. He is also impulsive and jealous of other people and their ideas. His reckless ideas, tweets, and press conferences characterize him as an unstable person. Essentially, the opinion piece concerned itself with the unfitness of Trump to be president.

The Hunt for the Author

The op-ed piece created a firestorm in Washington, D.C., as well as around the country and the world. Trump has been attacking the writer – who he said is gutless. He has also attacked the New York Times for printing it and has demanded the Times give up the author’s name. However, the paper said it will not do that. The Times said it knows who the author is, but, it won’t reveal the name of the writer. The paper cited journalistic privilege.

Betting on the Author

Gambling bookmakers in Las Vegas did not begin the speculation on the identity of the author. Several news agencies started it when they said they don’t believe the author is one person in the White House. They believe it is several different people. Other news agencies said the person who wrote the editorial piece is not a senior White House staff member. Instead, he or she is someone who works in a department within the government. There have also been people who said it was a member of the service staff. These people are privy to intimate looks at the president.

Whoever it is, news agencies have speculated, and the bets have started to come in to bookmakers There is a list of about 13 suspected authors. Some of the suspects include Vice President Mike Pence, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway. Other possible suspects include the president’s daughter and son-in-law, as well as the ex-White House counsel and the first lady.

Current odds include:

-322 John DeStefano

-666 Bill Stepien

-271 Nick Ayers

-588 Andrew Bremberg

There is also a group at -400, including Larry Kudlow, Kevin Hassett, and Mike Pompeo.

While all this speculation is humorous, there is a serious concern as well. Many people worry the op-ed piece is truthful. They worry the president is, indeed, just as the op-ed says he is. This concerns both Republicans and Democrats, who have been at each other’s throats over the president. Right now, it is unclear which White House official wrote the op-ed. But, the odds are it will be a while before anyone finds out.

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