Gamers Spend Their Las Vegas Winnings in Crazy Ways

Most people go to Las Vegas, gamble for a while, and if they are lucky, they earn enough money to pay for their trip. If they are really lucky, they might be able to come home having paid for their trip, and with a little extra in their pockets. They may even win enough to buy that special someone a little special something. However, there are some people who don’t win a little. They win a lot. While some of the big winners buy sensible things with their money, or they invest it—others choose a different path. As the following descriptions will show you, some people do crazy things when they hit it big in Vegas.

Drinks that Cost More Than a Car

The Balvenie 50-year-old.One thing that gamblers spend their money on is alcohol. There are a variety of drinks that gamblers can spend big on in Vegas. First, there is the Talon Club secreted on the second floor at the Cosmopolitan Casino Resort. One of the beverages at the high-roller club is a Scotch called The Balvenie 50-year-old. The beverage is extremely rare. Only 88 bottles were ever made, and only 10 of those bottles made it to the U.S. An ounce of the super-rare Scotch costs $3400, so a typical shot in the United States will set a high-roller back $5100. Of course, if the gambler needs more than one shot, the cost is going to run much higher—especially if he or she buy their friends a round. Some gamblers prefer to go to the Double Helix Win & Whiskey Lounge, and order a flight of whiskey, which is a sampler of four different types of whiskeys, and runs about $100 a flight for the expensive varieties of the whiskey. Again, if the gamer wants to buy a flight or two (or ten) for friends, the costs will go up.

Another expensive drink is the Ono cocktail at Encore Casino’s XS Nightclub. The Ono is made with a combination of Charles Heidsieck Champagne Charlie 1981 and Louis XIII de Remy Martin Black Pearl Cognac. The drink is poured into a gorgeous champagne glass with Mont Blanc cufflinks for a gentleman, and a black pearl pendant set in 18 carats white gold for the lady. At a mere $10,000 per glass, high rollers can afford to be generous.

Speaking of Expensive as a Car….

Le Burger Brasserie offers a $777 burger mealWhat if the newly-minted high rolling, jackpot-winning gambler isn’t a drinker? No problem. Winners have also eaten as much as a car costs as well. Some gamers want to eat their weight in gold. Le Burger Brasserie offers a $777 burger meal. The burger has Kobe beef, Maine lobster, pancetta, goat cheese, arugula, seared foie Gras, and a salad with a 100 year-aged balsamic vinaigrette. The drink of choice with the meal is a bottle of Rose Dom Perignon Champagne.

Gamblers who want something a little more expensive can opt for the Fleur Burger 5000 at the Fleur at Mandalay Bay, which is a Chef Hubert Keller’s restaurant. Gamers who spend $10,000 get a hamburger made with Wagyu beef, foie gras and black truffles on a brioche bun. With the usual truffle fries, gamblers also receive a bottle of 1995 Petrus.

Recreation for the High Roller

There are several ways that the big winners in Vegas can celebrate their win. For those golfing aficionados, Topgolf, located in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, offers high rollers a party on the links. For just under $10,000, the new winner and thirty friends can rent a suite at the establishment and take advantage of the pools, an open bar and a customized menu to order from. The clubs and caddy service are provided, and well as suggestions for gamers who need help with their swing—or their slice.

Big winners could book a private tour of the Grand Canyon for around $15,000, which includes a plane ride, and an adventure tour. They could even turn on the fountains at the Bellagio to their favorite song for a quarter of a million. Whatever way a high-roller chooses to celebrate a big win—it should be interesting.

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