The past ten years have seen exponential growth in the gambling industry. By the end of 2016, it was worth just over 41 billion dollars and estimates show it is going to reach $80 billion by the end of 2020. It is not only the remote betting industry, which is growing as non-remote betting is also seeing the same trend. Bookies and casinos are coming up as well. The question is what this means to the gambling market. The saturated market means more operators and more odd dynamics on games. Innovation is allowing the players to bet on different aspects at competitive rates due to the number of providers. The player is spoiled for choice on what they can bet on, and there is an exponential amount in winnings available.

Popularity in the online sector

The online gaming industry is seeing exponential growth to the point it will soon have the majority of the market share. It is probably due to significant advancements in technology during the last five to ten years. It seems straightforward, but the better the technology, the better the overall gaming experience. One of the factors when it comes to online gaming is the advancements noted in the mobile sector. As technology continues to improve, the accessibility and level of connectivity also improve. That allows the players to take part in remote gambling within different locations in the world, providing the fact there is an internet connection. Gambling is more successful than ever. It can be done from anywhere provided the mobile device can access real time information concerning aspects of the games.

Offers attract players

The gambling industry would not have had its present success if they did not have the right marketing. The influx of operators knows they cannot offer the same thing to customers. They are innovating edges to carve market share every day. That is why each makes a signup offer to lure in customers. Some use cash incentives as bait while others claim to match the initial deposit level of the player. These offers are as diverse as the wallet applications for deposit and withdrawal of money from the platforms. The sites are also working on strategies to retain as many clients as possible. It presents in the form of better customer experience while on the platforms. The user interfaces are getting easier and more addictive to use. All of this factors into goodies available for users to enjoy.   

Blurred lines of gaming and gambling

In terms of gaming, considering skin trading and loot boxes, there is some controversy around blurred lines. It is going to get worse if one considers the increase in e-sports. The audience for e-sports was at 390 million last year, and the annual revenue reached just shy of a billion dollars. There is a lot of room for expansion in this sector towards gambling and no saturation in sight. The times are changing, and the bookies have to move with them. There are several platforms, which are there and specialize in betting on e-sports outcomes.

The increase in investment within the gambling industry is noted from different elements of the industry. These are advertising and gaming. Players are spoiled for choice for the platforms they could choose to join. The platforms also provide offers to attract and retain the players. They even send follow up messages to players who are dormant or close their accounts to notify them of upcoming betting opportunities. The inclusion of e-sports in gambling platforms is also boosting the industry melding it into one large entertainment platform.

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