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Cigarettes and alcohol have warning labels to educate people on their inherent dangers, but Sin City has its own form of warning: Responsible Gaming Education Week. The message of responsible gambling can be heard throughout various Vegas venues through this Saturday.

Civic Responsibility

The casino industry rakes in $260 billion per year in the U.S. alone, and with great money comes great responsibility. Casino owners, game manufacturers, and other gaming industry leaders are coming together to discuss the potential downside of doubling down, and how to keep personal gambling habits under control.

The yearly educational event was designed by casino industry leaders to offer help to those with gambling addiction issues, as well as to educate the casual gambler on the potential for addiction. As with any highly-desirable human vice, moderation is the key.

American Gaming Association CEO Bill Miller said in press statement that Responsible Gaming Education Week “brings together industry, advocacy, regulator and other key stakeholders to promote transparency and gaming literacy while showcasing our everyday commitment to responsible gaming.”

Outside Las Vegas, casino companies nationwide also participate in sustainable gambling education efforts, designed to raise awareness of the ill effects of compulsive gambling, how to recognize the signs, and how to seek treatment.

Because in the long run, responsible gamblers are the most desirable casino customers of all, because their bankrolls live to game another day.

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