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While Canada has many different types of casinos, from casinos that benefit the country as a whole to casinos that benefit the First Nations, there are as many different varieties of gambling in Canada as there is Canadian beer. While some of the casinos are site-based casinos with traditional games, such as poker, blackjack, craps or slot machines, one very successful company has managed to combine the beauty of natural tourist attractions in Quebec with the excitement of online gaming at small boutique casinos.

What Do the Online Casinos Look Like?

Kahnawake casinosCasinos run by Kahnawake are small, have excellent food and beverage, and provide venues that allow the customers to take in the scenery that abounds in Quebec. While many small casinos are boozy, smoke-filled, loud, and distracting, the Kahnawake casinos look more like places to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. With online casinos, players can choose to play on the floor or they can play from the privacy of their rooms for a while before going down and taking advantage of floor play. Online slot machines have been especially popular with gamers.

In addition, Kahnawake has been given a license by all 10 Canadian provinces to market its small brand of boutique gambling, tourist attractions, and online gaming that both the company and consumers love. First, although Canadian law is not as specific as other countries with regard to online gaming payouts, clients are able to wager real cash on slot machines, lottery games, and card games that are available on the Internet. The other reason Kahnawake games are so popular is because of the sheer variety of games available to play online. The Kahnawake company has seen players, especially younger players, get bored playing the same game multiple times and are interested in finding newer and more exciting games with 21st-century graphics that make Internet gaming a lot like video gaming, which is very appealing for many younger players.

The Future for Kahnawake

online gamingBecause Kahnawake is a First Nations company, businesses that want to offer online gaming must be located in the Kahnawake territory of Quebec. The company has operated on its attention to detail and holds its licensees to a higher standard of service. The brand has a reputation for immediate payouts and transparency in its dealings, which has been very popular with both governments and customers.

Kahnawake is considering additional online gaming ventures, especially with additional tourism tie-ins, which seek to doubly benefit the area. It would bring both revenue and tourists into the area. In addition, Kahnawake is looking toward the future of online gaming, which may include gaming in two different categories. First, the company is poised to consider gaming for eSports, which means the company may be open to betting on sports that are played by teams of video game players. eSports is increasingly becoming an important sport for gamers. Spectators for eSports tournaments have numbered in the tens of thousands, and it is expected eSports revenue could number in the millions.

In addition, the company is hoping to eventually add single sports betting into its arsenal of online parlay betting. Currently, in Canada, single sports betting is not allowed. To bet on sports, people must bet on multiple games or a single type of game over multiple days. Legislators have been fighting for Canada to allow single-player betting, especially since the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that states can decide for themselves whether to allow sports betting, especially single sports betting. If Kahnawake is able to convince the government to allow it to branch out into sports betting, the company’s future will continue to be bright.

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